Wailua River and Secret Falls

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Wailua River and Secret Falls is a 6.6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Kapaa, Hawaii that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, fishing, and sea kayaking and is accessible year-round.

6.6 miles
564 feet
Out & Back



sea kayaking






no dogs

A 14 mile out and back kayak on the Wailua River with a short hike to the majestic Secret Falls. Start this 7-mile paddle by renting a kayak or joining a guided float. Launch your boat, and begin you paddle upstream through thick tropical vegetation. At 1.8 miles, you have the option of docking your boat and explore the Kamokila Hawaiian Village; a traditional Hawaiian village. Continue up the Wailua river until it splits and bear to the right. Paddle through dense vegetation then beach your kayak on the right bank. Walk west on the path. In .3 mile, cross the North Fork Wailua River (use the yellow rope that runs across tributary as a stabilizer). Continue to hike northwest through the dense jungle and along a narrow embankment that is full of gnarled roots and is often muddy (bring close toe sandals.) Continue following the trail along the river bank and pass a cement tower with a water level marker. Turn left; head away from the river, and climb up a short, steep, and often muddy embankment. At the top, cross a small stream and turn right, continuing on trail. Continue until you reach Secret Falls. Enjoy time soaking at the falls then retrace your steps to you boat. Kayak down stream and return to the boat launch (down stream is often more difficult then upstream especially with afternoon trade winds.)

3 days ago

Did the 2 mile kayak, 1 mike hike to falls. Very cool at the falls. Wear the right shoes because it will be muddy.

4 days ago

I did this one on a SUP and it was amazing. Water shoes definitely make it easier and pretty level the whole way. The boards get slick with so many people walking on them so be careful. The falls at the end is amazing.

12 days ago

Very lovely kayak in to the trail (we were lucky and had great weather - very little wind), then a slick but fairly easy walk in to the falls. We arrived at the falls by 9:30am, so it wasn’t too busy. A few random rain showers added to the slippery trail, but that’s to be expected.

23 days ago

Easy hike after a moderate kayak paddle with great falls you can swim under at the end!

27 days ago

Incredible experience!

29 days ago

This is one of my favorites!
We went on Monday and it was quite muddy but that jus made for more adventure!
The way back it started pouring rain, it was crazy and awesome at the same time! We laughed our way back down the river.
I highly recommend this trail! When you get to that waterfall and get to swim in it... just wow!

1 month ago

1 month ago

We hiked it with a tour of kayaking and a hike. water was murky from the days before rain but it still was nice. the waterfall was awesome, and even though the water wasn't clear it did not ruin my experience. but after the rain fall it was extremely muddy so where the proper shoes and I suggest hiking sticks to help with your balance.

1 month ago

1 month ago

We started at the beginning of the river. We kayaked in 1.7 miles. That was a good work out. The hike was easy, but slippery. I wouldn't recommend little children. The water fall features a lagoon you can swim in. It's beautiful. Total hiking distance is just over 2 miles and the kayaking is around 3 miles. The trip back down the river was tough. We had the wind working against us. It was worth the work out though.

1 month ago

Pretty easy hike to the falls, but it ain't so secret anymore.

This trail was somewhat easy and super fun. We booked a trip with Duke's Kayaking Adventures and had a blast. We are lunch at the secret falls and swam in it. It was easy and beautiful.

3 months ago

4 months ago

Sweet adventure!
Tip: go on Sunday when there are no tours. Avoid cruise boat days. And if you need to go during a touristy day, do what we did and go about an hour before sunset. That way you'll see the groups all paddling back and you'll have the trail and fall to yourself.

4 months ago

4 months ago

What a trail! We did the kayak-in-half-way-for-shorter-trail option. It was absolutely gorgeous. The falls are breathtaking at the end, it's a great swimming hole, and there was lots of beautiful vegetation throughout. Only reason I dinged one star is that the trail was so muddy that it was borderline dangerous. Maybe not the best trail for older folks for that reason. 3 people in our group slipped and fell. Thankfully my dad was not one of them!!

4 months ago

We did a shortened version of this from the Hawaiian village. Kayaked a short ways to the falls trailhead. Hike to falls is quite easy with a few tricky places. After that went to the fern grotto which was pretty. A restroom is available at the fern grotto. The Hawaiian village was a really nice small attraction. Really interesting to us because most fruit trees were represented, and our daughter was able to feed tons of chickens and some gorgeous peacocks. Staff at the village were exceptionally laid back and helpful. This was one of my favorite days because you got a little bit of everything. Learned about some Hawaiian culture as well.

4 months ago

The kayak trip was fantastic! Our guide, Celeste, gave us a lot of really interesting information about the area and it's history too!
The kayak trip wasn't bad at all - about two miles up the river (which was calm and peaceful). Then we got to Secret Falls, which was absolutely beautiful! This was an amazing find, I'd definitely do it again.

4 months ago

Great kayak trip and little morning hike. Took us about 3 hours total round trip so if you rent a kayak for a half day you have plenty of time to take your time. I recommend going on the morning. Less wind and less traffic.

4 months ago