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5,150 feet
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Friday, February 26, 2016

A strenuous uphill climb with rewarding views of Waianae and the leeward coast when completed as outlined in Stuart Ball Jr's, "A Hikers Guide to Oahu." The trail was recently marked with purple markers (engineer tape and gatorade caps), which alleviated a lot of confusion as there are multiple side trails and hunting paths that can lead you astray.

The first portion of the route follows a maintenance road past several water wells before the trail finally takes shape. The next mile aggressively climbs a spur to the summit of Kamaile'unu Ridge that requires the occasional use of ropes to negotiate some steeper and slicker portions of trail. Once on the ridgeline you have the ability to follow a animal fence towards the summit of Mt. Ka'ala with some rewarding views of the coastline to the west. To return, backtrack along the animal fence until you intercept the Kumaipo Trail, which we followed down a spur until we intersected with our original trail.

Some portions of the trail were overgrown and have the potential to be extremely slick if it recently rained (in addition to being wet since you have to cross about half-a-dozen stream beds).