4.2 miles
1,210 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash


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4 months ago

I would not recommend this hike. There's a good reason this one is closed. Plenty of local legends talk about this being the place of a trickster demi god, Kamapua'a. And a horrible tragedy happened on Mothers Day back in the 90s. Many people have gotten hurt on this hike. It is a very eerie place.

I went with my siblings and it is quite difficult to find the proper path because there are misleading signs. But, when we went my sister kept hearing voices yet there was no one on the trail with us. Also, a huge tree branch snapped and landed abruptly only a few feet in front of us! It wasn't a small stick but a HUGE branch that could've seriously injured someone. And when we started the hike it was a gorgeous day but as soon as we found the stream that lead to the waterfall the weather turned sour. Eventually we all just felt very uncomfortable and didn't want to go through with the hike. When we went home we looked up the history of the place and realized that's where our tutu's childhood man-pig stories come from!!

This place just gives me the creeps! I feel like I'll listen to whoever or whatever was signaling us not to go there. Just would like to share my experience and thoughts. But if you do decide to go respect the land, be very cautious, and hope nothing falls on you.