Pu'u Manamana Turnover Trail

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Pu'u Manamana Turnover Trail is a 3.7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Hauula, Hawaii that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

3.7 miles
2145 feet



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One of the more difficult and treacherous hikes on the island of Oahu. The hike takes you up to the rock formation known as Crouching Lion and then rides a ridgeline up and down. Very good challenge for the sure-footed hiker. The trail head is passed the fishpond, heading back towards Kaneohe direction, near a telephone pole that is marked with a fluorescent marker. There is a rope at the trail head to aid your start. Amazing views of the Kahana Ahupuaa (land division). This is not an easy hike. Balance is crucial. Skip this one if you are afraid of heights and be careful if it is gusty. Note that this trail does not attempt Pu'u Manamana at all. It goes to a turnover point in which most will stop and traverse down and out to complete the loop. True Manamana lies ahead and is only for the extreme hiker. A variant of this trail is to approach it from Kahekili instead.

1 month ago

Do this hike clockwise and enter at the crouching lion trailhead!!! Due to the less than moderate traffic, the original trailhead is overgrown and washed out. Besides, the trail intersects with the much better maintained Crouching Lion trail anyways. I would also recommend doing this as an out and back...once you reach the final peak. The back half of this trail has been washed out and needs a great deal of maintenance. Otherwise, this was a fantastic trail with some great climbing sections. 5 stars as an out and back.

1 month ago

This was actually my first hike on Hawaii! Was a bit scary at first but after I was used to the steep ridges it was all good!! really enjoyed this hike with amazing views. The muddy part is a bit annoying but part of the job!

3 months ago

Amazing views! Definitely easy to get off course. Meant to only do the crouching Lion Hike, but managed to find ourselves on this harder, longer journey... We entered through the entrance by the concrete bench and mistook the trail for heading left up the mountain... the fallen tree in front of the real crouching Lion Hike is what threw us off in my opinion. Hard to use all trails with muddy hands, do yourself a favor and go when it’s drier, the mud made the way down extremely challenging!

4 months ago

I did this trail from the back on December 21, 2017 without food or water and in shorts from 1:30p to 7:30p, the last hour or so in the dark. It was tough.

My legs and hands are flayed. The middle half is very rough without protective gear. The better you're covered, the better off you'll be. Wear boots. A good portion of the trail is like trudging through peanut butter.

Unless you, too, are a masochist, I'd recommend going from the front (crouching lion side) and deciding whether you're prepared for the brush when you hit it.

The turnover is a sharp hook in thick brush. It's easy to miss.

6 months ago

Me and my husband hiked this trail on 22.10.17. It was no wind and shiny. Meaning bring 3l water per person. We use to hike longer trails, but this is jungle. 1/3 beautiful views with sharp ridges. 2/3 getting throught dense MUDDY jungle. Trail progress is very slow and exhausting. We give 5 stars, because we had enought water, snacks, and excitement.
Do not recommend in windy and rainy weather. Enjoy :)

6 months ago

Harder than you expect. The first mile is pretty fun if you’re adventurous. Then it’s heavy shrubbage and jungle. Not too fun to get through.

Most of all, don’t treat this like a 3.7mi hike. I’m currently laying down on the trail 8hrs in. I puked. My wife puked. We underestimated the trail and didn’t bring enough water so I hiked down, got more water, and hiked it back up. I’m about .3mi from the end now. I may be biased because I feel like death and underestimated this trail, but I give it three stars for an oahu hike. Oahu has epic hikes so rating it’s hikes is like rating a castle. They are all Grand and awesome and epic. This one just kicks your ass too and personally I only enjoyed the first mile, unless you’re in the mood for a jungly tough hike. The first mile was almost my favorite on oahu though, so check it out and turn back at the foresty part. Maybe a 5 rating on mainland. Three on oahu standards.

7 months ago

Though we didn’t finish this hike, we loved it! Passed crouching lion where most people stop and headed up to the ridge line. So pretty and very windy yesterday. Theres climbing involved and it gets very steep. We got rained on a bit and about 20 people we coming down on the way up. You need all day to do the loop. Bring water and snacks! Be prepared for wind, rain, and mud. And don’t forget your gopro! We had to pick up our daughter and ran out of time, but can’t wait to try it again!

7 months ago

Don't let the modest 3.7 miles and 2100ft elevation gain deceive you. This is a very challenging trail. For reference, I hike both Olomana (to 3rd peak and back) and Ka'au Crater in about 4:15. This hike took me and two friends 7hrs. To be fair, if conditions were a little better, I think I could have done it in 5:30-6hr. Still. The ascent beyond the crouching lion hike super fun, yet dizzying and treacherous at times. It's no wonder lives have been lost here. Don't get in over your head. Once you really get up there, you may not wanna go back. The infamous barbed Uluhe fern grows to shoulder length and higher, they nearly shredded my shins raw. The foliage was so thick on each side that it was difficult to see the ground (whether it's mud, rock, slippery roots, or no ground at all!) much less squeeze thru.

Recommendations: trailrunners, tho I wore my hiking sandals which worked great for my tough feet, the muddiness was the hard part for me. Minimum 3L water, and some energy packed snacks. Map/GPS/AllTrails duh. It's a pretty straight forward trail, BUT, if you were to go left instead of right you might end up on Kahekili ridge which I've heard is way gnarly. The junction for the turnover trail was very faint. I only barely recognized it and probably would have gone passed if I had not stopped to check the track. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: there are some (like me) who won't listen. For you stubborn kindred spirits, have fun with that lol. It's a trade off, be hot, or get your arms and legs scraped up to hell by the uluhe. There's no avoided it up there, and it goes on a while!

Overall a great challenge that I look forward to doing again sometime once I forget how much I suffered in some parts. But note to self: bring the runners for the way down.

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9 months ago

There's three parts to this trail when doing the full loop making it a tough hike to judge, let me explain. Ascending on the east side of the trail ( connecting to Crouching Lion- a very nice pitstop on the way) easily gets an 11/10- breathtaking views, tough obstacles and a few thrills for those whom seek it. Then there's the second part, it's all overgrown, muddy and full of trips. If your smarter than me and read the comments like I'm making now.. wear long pants, long sleeves, and bring plenty of water- also pay attention to your map when near the turn to home stretch as another trail branches off at the peak. During my hike I would have said it's completely useless to even do the full loop, until I came to the decent (west side). For those of you that like a little thrill and speed you can Tarzan style down hundreds of feet in minutes, if your not up for that, it's real easy to take it easy-seeing as the worst part is already behind you by now. The best sights by far are on the ascension with a few good ones throughout the rest. Definitely recommend, take care and watch your footing!!!!!

10 months ago

It's a gorgeous hike with amazing views! If you do the long hike and loop trail, bring water, snacks, wear long pants and gloves helped a lot too! It's a super workout too! I'd start early in the morning to do this one. It rained on us and so be prepared because it started off sunny. I'd bring extra dry socks too if I had known. I think this is my favorite hike so far! It's not easy so make sure you're ready to get sweaty and dirty.

10 months ago

I loved this hike! So far my favorite on Oahu. It gets a little sketchy but has amazing views that are so worth it (as long as you're not afraid of heights and you enjoy a little adrenaline rush).

10 months ago

This was the hardest hike I've done so far. The trail isn't maintained and the markers have been taken down so please trek safely! It's super easy to underestimate this loop trail so be sure to plan ahead and make sure to bring tape to mark the trail.

11 months ago

A closed hike. Once you make it past the 'do not enter' signs it is a very fun, but challenging trail.
Watch your step. There are very steep cliff edges and narrow pathways.
Would 100% recommend this hike. Stunning view and a fun adrenaline rush.

11 months ago

Pretty awesome views! Make sure to check the weather and that you have a few hours, it can get dicey if it starts to rain, the trails turn to rivers of mud. Really great trail, many scenic viewing points to choose from!

11 months ago

Gorgeous trail. As many have said, it gets a little sketchy as you get near the top of the peak. As long as you take it slow and be careful (and you're not afraid of heights), you should be okay.

We went up to the top, then turned around and came back down because of time constraints. Took about 2 and a half hours.

11 months ago

The original plan was to do the mini crouching lion but I wanted a challenge so did the turnover loop to see what was so dangerous. Besides for the narrow ridge lines the trail is super slick with loose rock and gravel and the trail once you're at the top becomes very vegetated. Like people have said wear long pants, hiking shoes (not sneakers), and plenty of water. I'm glad I survived the hike but no desire to do the full loop again.

11 months ago

My favorite hike to-date on Oahu. I would recommend going with someone who's done this hike or knows the terrain on Oahu. It's very different than anything on the mainland. If you enjoy amazing views, rock climbing and an adrenaline rush walking the spines, try the Pu'u Manamana loop!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

love this hike. wear long pants, solid shoes, and bring water. don't do it in the rain.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Awesome, quick, fairly easy hike. Only took an hour even with pictures and chatting with other people on top of the peaks. Enter at the signs that say do not enter. There are 3 sets of these signs across the road from the parking lot. Any of the 3 entrances get you to the top. Trails seemed to be well worn and plenty of hand holds on steep spots. Don't do if it's been raining though. The steep spots are the consistency of kitty litter and I'm sure very slippery when wet.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

5/5 if you do crouching lion or go up to the banner someone placed up after the scramble and then double back. Don't do if you're afraid of heights!! I also don't recommend the full hike, after that point you really don't get much else in the way of views; it's a very long hike, and it's very overgrown. If you do go, definitely bring long pants and maybe a long shirt. And find yourself a good spiderweb stick.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

AmaZing views! Super sketchy towards the top and a bit washed out and steep

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

we were actually trying to hike the makaua falls trail and accidentally veered off to this loop by following the pink marker flags. it was a great hike though. because we were trying for the makaua falls and that is recommended to do after a rain, it was actually raining when we went. This was actually not recommended for the Pu'u Manamana trail and I completely understand why. We didn't quite make it to the tip top because it was continuing to rain and getting slippery and we felt the conditions were getting unsafe. getting back down, since we didn't do the loop, we had to go back down where we started from which was slippery and needs to be done carefully. We were successful and overall it was a great hike. Great views at the top. Is a bit narrow in sections and pants may be better than shorts. Definitely should NOT do in the rain. Wear good shoes and take your time. I can't wait to do it again in better conditions when we can actually finish it.

Monday, January 30, 2017

The trail was extremely vegetated I would recommend just doing crouching line and then going as far as the skinny dangerous part when the rock ends turn around. Everything else is jungle

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Loved this hike, worth every bit of the steep climb and slick descent. Not for the faint of heart or fearful of heights, but if you're willing to brave it you will be rewarded with epic views... and probably sore muscles.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

it's actually closed - we think someone called the police on us because he showed up just as we were getting back in the car. he told us it was closed and to spread the word. we did do the entire loop - beautiful scenery and interesting because it's challenging... but very bushy and slick in places due to mud mostly. would not recommend if you're not okay with steep drop offs, climbing rocks/steep upgrades, and bush whacking. takes about 6 hours!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

great trail but can be sketchy so be very careful

Sunday, January 08, 2017

We just hiked to Crouching Lion and back. This is a short hike, but the views are amazing. It's pretty slippery and very steep in certain places. Also, we found a wedding band. E-mail me at haley.l.cash@gmail.com if you lost one on the trail.

Monday, January 02, 2017


Saturday, December 17, 2016

I'm in Hawaii until Christmas if any one wants to do this hike with me! (:

Tuesday, October 04, 2016


I will be staying on O'ahu from October 8th-11th and looking for someone to do this hike with. Please let me know if anyone is interested.


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