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Olomana Trail is a 4.5 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Kailua, Hawaii that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

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Located in Kailua, on the windward side of Oahu, Olomana Trail (three peaks) is a strenuous hike with amazing views if you can make it to the top. The trail can be accessed from the intersection of Maunawili Road and Auloa Road off of Pali Highway. There is no parking area at the trailhead - you must park and walk on Luana Hills Road past the Royal Hawaiian Golf Course to access the trailhead. There is also a bus stop near the entrance of the golf course if you opt to take the bus to avoid parking. You will pass a guard shack, which is the entrance to the Luana Hills Country club. The guard will be able to give you details regarding the hike and you will see a white trailhead sign on your left. The first peak, Mount Olomana, is about 1.5 miles up with steep drop-offs on both sides and takes about an hour and a half to get to. Toward the top there are some rock climbing elements. The top of the first peak offers 360 degree views. It is steep on the downhill slope towards the second peak. The next peak isn't as challenging but still has an excellent view. The last peak should only be tried by experienced hikers in good shape and requires ropes all the way up. To return to your car you must go back the same way you can. This a favorite hike in Oahu, however can be very challenging with all of the up/down.

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1: DO do it in dry weather (safer and faster-took us under 3.5 hrs round trip)
2: Do bring shoes (my friend and I did it barefoot all the way to the third peak, and I tell you what... we were almost limping all the way down, and yes my feet were even all calloused up from summer). I think Barefoot shoes would work fab for this one.
3: DO go barefoot all the way to the first peak (as it is a muddy jungle, the wettest part and with the softest ground-feel the Earth beneath your feet!)
4: DO bring water & snacks (I use a 3 liter camelback everywhere I go, handiest $100)
5: Do go with a friend or two (for fun and safety, always better when the experience is shared ❤️)

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bring at least 3L of water if you are gonna do all 3 peaks. Highly recommend hiking spikes and you can get them for $20 on Amazon. the climb to the first peak is tiring and some breaks will likely be needed. along the way you get previews of what awaits at the top as you get higher and higher and are able to take in the view. the top is amazing! I highly recommend at least continuing on to the 2nd peak because the pictures you'll get of the 3rd are awesome and the trek isn't too bad. the hike from the 2nd to 3rd peak is far more difficult and is very sketchy in areas in terms of what you have to climb or climb around. I personally believe the hike to the 3rd peak is very worth it and would do it again.

great little challenge but definitely doable. make sure you bring enough water.

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To get to the trailhead, park on Auloa Road across from the bus stop. Make sure your tires are not on the sidewalk. Then walk the better part of a mile into the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club to the trailhead on the left past the security kiosk. We only made it to the first peak because of time constraints, but felt fully satisfied by the challenge and view at the top. Factoring in the walk to and from the trailhead, we walked about 4.5 miles and it took about 4 hours. I didn't bring proper footwear so hiked it barefoot, which was absolutely fine and in some cases preferable when there were narrow footholds. There is plenty of scrambling on this hike and I chose to use tree roots and branches rather than the ropes when possible. Take your time and enjoy the 360 view at the top. And for what it's worth, the way down was easier than the way up.

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Could I rate a hike any higher? Seriously five stars are not enough for this one. It may not be the most scenic hike on the island but it is definitely the most extreme. If you do not like heights, climbing, and precarious situations, this probably isn't the hike for you. The first section is on the paved road leading to the trail head. I clocked myself and it took me 12 minutes from where I parked on the street to the trailhead. Once you hit the trail you will walk through shaded forest for quite a while. Keep an eye out for pigs! Then the challenge begins. Before you even get to the climbing portions you will be met with some challenging uphill hiking. The trail goes almost strait up with little to no switchbacks. You thighs will be burning and ready for a rest before you get to the first rope section. To summit the first peak you need to use ropes to get up a 20 foot rock face. I thought this was going to be the most challenging part, but just wait! Once you get to the summit of Peak 1 take some time to enjoy the views. You can see all around the island, and it is amazing. After Peak 1 it isn't that challenging to get to the summit of Peak 2. After that is when the fun starts. The backside of Peak 2 in my opinion is the most challenging. This is where the most mistakes happen so take your time. Going down is much worse than coming back up it so take that in mind. You will have great views of Peak 3 from Peak 2 and might get dissuaded to continue on. You must! It is so worth it. After you get down Peak 2 the third peak starts immediately. It is mostly rock and there is plenty of hand holds and footholds. I never felt "unsafe" or in a situation that was precarious. Just trust the ropes and keep 3 points of contact always. On the ascent of the third peak keep an eye out for the "puka" or hole in the rock. This is the most challenging section of the third ascent as you skirt around the side of the hole. After that you are just a short scramble up to the top. Amazing views! Take it all in and enjoy and don't get too cocky on the way back. It is definitely easier doing it in reverse but mistakes happen when you go faster than you should!

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Incredible hike. Be prepared to get muddy as you inch your way to the top of each of the three peaks. This climb is not for everyone as the footing is poor in most areas. If you're looking for a very challenging and equally rewarding experience, hike on!

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Incredible hike, it takes a bit of nerves to get to the first peak at times but the views are absolutely worth it. The trip to the second peak requires more skill and the trip to the third will test you.

I wouldn’t recommend the second or third for anyone who isn’t conditioned and comfortable having to use ropes to climb - i.e, if you’re sore on the pillboxes this will wreck you and if the ropes you had to use getting to first peak scared you, or challenged you, going on may paralyze you.

The best views are from the first peak anyway, hang out there for a while and wait for a tour helicopter to buzz the peaks.

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Awesome hike with amazing views. Real good workout too. Hike to first peak was really muddy. Not much difficulty along the way except when you get to top of second peak and it's ropes pretty much straight down to get to the start of the 3rd. But most of the ropes are in good shape, so really no issues at all. Good times and I will definitely be back.

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Tough but rewarding. This trail has everything. My wife and I took 3L of water to share and a couple cliff bars and ran out of water 1/3 of the way into the return hike. Go on a clear day and the views are unbeatable. Total time on trail was about 5.5hrs and that includes a good 30min break at the top of peak 3 and the paved walk along the golf course to and from the trail.

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very good hike but don't go on the week-end

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Hands down my favorite hike in Hawaii....and if you can make it to the third peak...well you'll know you've been some place very few others have!!! there's a hole you can crawl through at one point on the way to the third peak...had one of my few near death expiriences there, although I can look back now and laugh...
Love this trail for the beauty, challenge and diversity!!!!!