Olomana Trail

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Olomana Trail is a 4.5 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Kailua, Hawaii that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

4.5 miles
2188 feet
Out & Back



mountain biking

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wild flowers




old growth



no dogs

Located in Kailua, Three Peaks is a wonderful hike with great views if you can make it to the top. The first peak's about 1.5 miles up with dropoffs on both sides. The next peak isn't as challenging but still an awesome view. The last peak should only be tried by experienced hikers.

2 days ago

Awesome hike and family friendly (did with 6 and 8 yr old) up to 90% of trail. Final vertical climb and 10% to get to peak is for bigger folks. The view there is stunning. Going beyond 2nd peak is advanced and dangerous. Most folks die there, though one tripped between 1 and 2 peak about 2yrs ago. 3rd peak is an ego thing for folks with no family or responsibilities. ;)

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5 days ago

Very nice and really hard trail. You have to make it too the end, its worth it :)

7 days ago

Incredible views but it gets really sketchy after the first peak. Coming back up to the second peak was a good workout. Try not to use the ropes, one was tied together with a pice of small nylon cord.

8 days ago

Awesome hike. Make sure you don't park on the side walk. I saw a lot of cars that got tickets for parking slightly on the sidewalk even though they parked on the correct street.

9 days ago

10 days ago

Great hike. The best views are from the second peak so don't feel too bad if you can't make it to the second peak. To be honest, I don't find this hike that challenging. There were only two sections climbing up the third peak (closest to the top) where I was actually scared, due to a very narrow ridge and few grips in the rock. Otherwise, the ropes really help and the rocks provide plenty of grip. Going down is always harder than going up, take your time and don't rush. I always park on the sidewalk/grass across from the bus stop on Auloa road. Don't park on loop road, you'll get towed.

16 days ago

Beautiful. One of my favorite hikes on the island. Protected, steady/hard climb that gets technical as you approach the top of the first ridge. Very slick and sketch if it rains, which it often does near the top. Peaks 1 and 2 are manageable but challenging. Peak 3 should only be approached with care on a clear day. The view from the top is well worth the effort. Don't park on Loop Rd, instead park across from the bus stop in the grass.

17 days ago

All three peaks!!

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20 days ago

This hike/ scramble was intense. We only did the first peak and not everyone in the group finished the climb to the summit. Don't let anyone lie to you, while the climbing on the first peak is not difficult, it is not for the faint of heart. The rewards are worth it.

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