Naniuapo Falls Trail

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Naniuapo Falls Trail is a 1.8 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Honolulu, Hawaii that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

1.8 miles
587 feet

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5 days ago

we started from Puu Pia trailhead so we wouldn't start at the 7 Bridges trail where there are numerous no trespassing/government property signs.

we parked at the Chinese cemetary and walked to the trailhead as there's only 1 parking stall up the narrow road.

the descent down to the river was a little technical but we had some pre-teens with us who did ok. Queen's Bath was super clean and deep. Note, just above that is a nice waterfall you can hear but not see. Waiakeakua was dry unfortunately.

so we kept on west to Naniuapo. Amazing huge trees and bridges, nice trails easy to follow. after metal fence it was more challenging. then fallen bamboo forest over trail almost thwarted search for falls. we were 0.25 miles away from falls, and scrambled over bamboo and logs. impressive high falls. Walked out to houses on 7 bridges, back to cemetary. nice big counterclockwise loop. 5 miles

2 months ago

As of October 2018: I recommend starting the hike from the street and just doing the out and back. The path from Manoa Falls Trail is completely overgrown at critical junctures, making navigating very difficult. We made it through the main loop finally, but we were off the trail about 70% of the time hacking through vines. Once we found the other end of the main trail we decided not to continue to the falls because it was getting late.
Next time we will enter from Waakaua St. through the gate and sign saying no trespassing*. Follow the road past a couple bridges and the abandoned house, then it turns into a trail. The trail continues on the right side of the stream.

*I suppose it is possible to do reach the falls from the Manoa Falls Trail without ever crossing private property, but the loop route recommended on All trails does cross this gate going out anyway, so I figure just be polite and no trash and go through.

4 months ago

Extremely muddy hike today with saturated ground enough to lose a leg about 2 ft. This trail is NOT recommended as the path has been overrun with foliage growth and the heavy rains recently have washed out many of the things you might think were paths.
Plus there are numerous large hog paths throughout the area, some huge prints - Beware!

4 months ago

It is $5 to park and our gps watch clocked the whole thing in at just under 2 miles. Pretty waterfall.

5 months ago

You can tell where the trail is fairly easily most of the time but there is minimal marking tape through out. There are some blown down trees that are quite a challenge and a blown over bamboo forest that was nearly a belly crawl to get through. On the way back we discovered a path on the alternate side of the stream which helped a lot and some stream crossings at various points helped us to bypass blown over trees. The waterfall itself is pretty but yes there are no pools to play in. It is NOT currently dog friendly though it is dog doable

11 months ago

The path to the falls is blocked. I had to lie down & slip between fallen bamboo to get there. There are many broken/fallen trees at the bottom of the falls. There are no pools at the bottom.

Friday, May 26, 2017

easy hike but muddy. beautiful bamboo forest, lots of exotic Hawaiian flowers to see and gorgeous waterfall.

Friday, April 21, 2017

i had a hell of a time finding trail and once i did was way to easy to keep losing it. i abandoned the hike and found a road that cut through.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Nice hike; need heavy rain for waterfall to be really flowing but beautiful bamboo forest and mountain stream.

Monday, July 25, 2016

We decided to wait for a rainy day, a tropical storm in fact, to do this one. It was safe because we wouldn't fall off of any mountain, and we had a plan for a flash flood. At the start of the trail, we crossed a couple bridges, chose the left fork, passed through a gate, encountered a couple of abandoned shacks, and a man laying in our path. As we continued, the well maintained trail follows the stream into the back of the valley. It was fairly easy and only squishy muddy in some parts. Our surprise sleeper, warned us that the trail veers right now because of the downed tree. We didn't understand until our path was completely blocked by this enormous trunk. A rope was available to do something with, but because of the rain and storm, we turned around, headed down to the stream, and crossed into a bamboo forest. It was dark, and we were unsure except for the clear path that lay ahead of us. Following it up, the steps were a good work out, it brought us straight to the fall, and boy was the fall flowing!
The pictures we had seen were mostly of a trickle, this was the perfect conditions to seek out this secret fall! It was amazing. However, common sense made us look at all the fallen trees and realize that hanging out here all day, with tropical storm conditions would not be smart. So, we took our pictures and left.
Our trip back was fast! The weather was holding out, and we did don our ponchos...probably because we just wanted to wear them. Once we made it back to the car, and was settled, the rain started falling and didn't stop. It was a perfect adventure!

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