Moanalua Valley Trail to the Haiku Stairs (Stairway To Heaven)

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Moanalua Valley Trail to the Haiku Stairs (Stairway To Heaven) is a 9.3 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Honolulu, Hawaii that features a river and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

9.3 miles
3051 feet
Out & Back

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PLEASE NOTE: The act of being ON the Haiku stairs at any point along the route is trespassing on government property. Violators/trespassers are SUBJECT TO $1000 FINES, COMMUNITY SERVICE, BENCH WARRANTS, AND/OR ARREST. If you receive a citation you will be required to appear in court. The ONLY way to LEGALLY hike TO the Haiku Stairs (Stairway to Heaven) starts at the Moanalua Valley Road trail and proceeds to shoot off to the left at about 2.5 miles. Though it is by far the easiest way up, it still has some sections of near vertical, rope and muddy sections. Use caution when hiking as this is a steep and sometimes muddy hike that has had injuries and fatalities. Hikers MUST be mindful of neighborhood residents who live in this area. Noise complaints, parking violations and exiting the trail via residential properties will result in a fine.

2 days ago

Aloha! I do various guided hikes with photos on Oahu. I hike often/weekly. Hiked last weekend, heading out again this Saturday too. Feel free to check out some examples of photos on my instagram @mike.karas. You can message me there or at

9 days ago

Aloha! I do various guided hikes and photos on Oahu. Hiked last weekend, likely hiking again this weekend. Trail is open on the weekends. They are doing path/road construction on weekdays until Jan 19th. Feel free to check out my instagram @mike.karas. You can message me there or

9 days ago

I went to the trail and there was a sign stating that the trail is closed from 7am - 330pm until 19 Jan for construction.

10 days ago

heading up tomorrow morning with a friend! if anyone wants to join text me !
Tuesday Dec 5th

edit: amazing hike! a must do!!

message me on Instagram

10 days ago

Aloha! I do various guided hikes and photos on Oahu. Hiked last weekend, likely hiking this weekend. Feel free to check out my instagram @mike.karas. You can message me there or

11 days ago

Anyone planning on going December 9th or 10th? Please e-mail me at or message me on Instagram annzib9

14 days ago

looking at doing this hike sometime next week, preferably Monday (4th Dec) seeing the weather is looking nice or Thursday (7th) and am looking for someone to do it with for safety and company. Please email me if interested.

Cheers Hugh

15 days ago

Heading to Hawaii for first time Sunday and gonna do this hike super early Tuesday Dec 5 at 5am if anybody wants to cruise up...pole bowls and a beer after I got the beers if anybody wants to go...just hope to make that left turn

17 days ago

Looking at doing this nov 30th or dec 1st early morning with my girlfriend, if anyone wants to meet up dm me on insta @owennadeau

17 days ago

Aloha! I do various guided hikes and photos on Oahu. Feel free to check out my instagram @mike.karas. You can message me there or

22 days ago

I’m trying to go up 11/24 or 11/25 before I leave and Id prefer to not do it alone if anyone would like a hiking partner! dm me at chase_acc

23 days ago

If you are to do this trail (or even the stairs), know that unless you are seriously willing to test your fear of heights, do not do this. It is a wonderful hike with once in a lifetime views. Research your trails and know exactly where you need to turn, it's pretty easy to get lost if you don't know what to look for. If you're looking for super safe, sneak into the stairway to heaven, it's far safer despite recent reviews.

24 days ago

Lot of mud, tiny and slippery paths, bushes and amazing views. It was hard, but as long as you follow pink/orange/green ribbons on trees etc. you will climb to the top of the stairs. You can walk down the stairs, but beware the guards (penalty 1000$). It is important to quit the stairway on the level of highway and follow ribbons again.

25 days ago

Hey! I’ll be visiting from London with my partner and in town on 13th/14th Jan 18. This is absolute bucket list material for me and HAVE to complete it while I’m there! Partner is not so keen, looking for a hiking buddy! Instagram: @jordanthomas93 - give me a shout!

28 days ago

You follow these directions, you will end up at a waterfall. Cool, no doubt, but not what you are going on this hike for. I brought my 2 female friends with me on this hike today and ended up having to blaze new trails up and around sheer cliffs, all the while trying to keep my people from dying.

1 month ago

Just did this. One of the hardest trails I’ve done compared to Three Peaks or Ka’au crater. Crampons HIGHLY recommended. Easy to find the trail head, Moana Lua Park, walk straight till you see signs for Stairs. About 3 miles in is where Middle Ridge starts.

1 month ago

I will be in Oahu 11/18-11/22, really want to do this trail to Haiku Stairs. Please contact me via Facebook, You Qing Lin

1 month ago

who down to go next week? hit me up!
IG 8464ppem

1 month ago

Looking to do this hike if anyone is interested in tagging along! I’ve never done it but really want to do it. Instagram is leilani_montez

1 month ago

Went by myself on a Saturday at 0510 with a local hassling me for being there which wasn't a good start. After around 15 minutes no cell/internet service until I made it to the top. Started later than I planned and hustled to the top but just missed sunrise at 0632. Incredible views near the top of both sides and fog rolled in which made it kind of cool but no incredible views of Kailua other than right after sunrise. Made some friends at the top from other countries and helped one get back with me versus going down and meeting security. I don't normally bring water but it's a must on this and a dry shirt to change into. Spent about five hours total as I took my time at the top and a moderate pace coming back.

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