Makuala O'Oma Trail

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Makuala O'Oma Trail is a 1.4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Kailua Kona, Hawaii that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and birding and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

1.4 miles
259 feet

dog friendly

kid friendly



trail running




wild flowers


Moderate shady hill forest trails. Many to pick from.

2 days ago

Great trial although GPS and google are a necessity.Fairly easy even for a novice hiker.
The map with AllTrails is very helpful

5 days ago

Nice hike through the forest. Lots of tree roots and rocks so bring hiking shoes. Trail is not marked too well.

12 days ago

Nice and shaded. Bring insect repellent.

17 days ago

This is a beautiful trail! We made a loop out of it going left past a sign on left down to a dirt road then right on that dirt road and the next right up a steep rockier road that intersected with the out and portion of the trail listed on map. There were more trails that we were able would have liked to explore but didn’t want to be out there with our kids too long.

18 days ago

5 months ago

Wonderful little loop. Lush and easy hike.

5 months ago

5 months ago

This was an easy hike perfect for a hot day. This cloudy forest (yes that's a legit type of forest) provided a cool, mostly shaded break from the sun and was filled with lush foliage and trees. We could hear lots of birds throughout the hike, as well as some cows and only saw 1 other hiker!

There were other trails in this area that aren't part of this trail and this trail doesn't have any signs so I would suggest using the Alltrails app map and record your hike.

To find the trailhead we searched Makahi St trailhead on Google maps. The trailhead is located at the very end of Makahi St on the right side (don't get mistaken with some other trailhead blocked by a fence that is near the end of the street). Almost immediately after starting the trailhead, you can either go straight or turn right; both are part of this loop, it's just a matter of which way around the loop you want to go. Keep going straight for a gradual uphill hike that will end with steep down hill, or turn right for steep uphill that will end with gradual downhill.

If you go straight, about 15 min into the hike you will meet a wire fence. You can turn right here , hike 0.3 miles, find a service road and retrace your tracks back got the main trail, or keep right to stay on the main trail. Turning left doesn't yield any new views to see on the trail, but if you want more time in the forest then do the extra 0.6 miles! If you turn right at the fence, after 5 min you will see the steep downhill on your right to go back to the start.

7 months ago

Nice trail. Saw very gigantic ferns all along the teail

8 months ago

Beautiful hike through forest. Path is narrow with lots of roots so a hiking stick was very helpful. We somehow missed a portion of the main trail and ended up on a lava service road. we were able to find our way back but ended up going almost 3 miles.

9 months ago

nice trail and scenic view of forest

9 months ago

Remote and very tropical.

10 months ago

Cute easy little trail. Minimal views though.

11 months ago

Beautiful hike. We actually went straight from the start downhill and missed the official trail. Ended up being a down and back beautiful walk. Steep coming back up.

trail running
Friday, August 19, 2016

Using Google Earth I was able to identify a larger network of trails surrounding the 1.4 loop described here... got over an hour of super runnable trail in before I had to get back to town... but I could have probably run quite a bit farther if I had the time. will definitely come back to explore more, as the trail itself is GORGEOUS!!

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Lovely easy-moderate hike. There's a lot of roots and ups and downs but overall a really enjoyable hike. Make sure to take the right at the wooden sign to take the loop. Best to periodically check the map to make sure you don't take a wrong turn, we ended up going half a mile off track.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The start is confusing - take the first right or the second right at the trailhead. Do not bend left, as this simply goes down the mountain and you will have to turn around. Vegetation is beautiful. Some shade. Gave it a 4 due to the confusing start as well as the point of the loop- it turns around at a forest road.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

This is a good hike if you are not all about the water. It is high enough that it normally cooler.
It does rain often in the afternoon.
It is often also called the fern trees trail due to the tree ferns.

Friday, January 22, 2016

This is a beautiful trail with a geocache along the route. It is a very delicate environment, so please don't leave the trail and clean your boots and pets of seeds and burs before starting trail to minimize bringing in invasive weeds.

13 days ago

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