9.9 miles
2565 feet
Out & Back




1 month ago

We did part of this trail, a total of 5.6 miles, in March 2018 using the Kapalua hiking trail system as a start point. We started at the Kapalua parking lot next to the golf course driving range. There’s plenty of parking and the first part descends a hill and you go through either of 2 tunnels that pass under the freeway. You turn left after you exit the tunnels and follow the signs that point to the trail. The trail then follows a road and winds down to a small bridge over a stream. You pass some golf course construction buildings and the winds back up to the Plantation golf course. You cross some roads that are under construction for a new housing development and you come to the edge of the Plantation golf course. The trail generally follows the edge of the Plantation course as you go up the ridge for a half mile or so. The initial portions after crossing the road are heavily overgrown with more than chest high (I’m 5,11”) jungle grass. It feels like you’re in Jurassic Park with the Velociraptors coming for you. As someone else noted there are spider webs you go through so have branch or walking stick ready to sweep them away. After you leave the grassy area, you enter a pine forest and eventually reach a steep stone staircase. In Strava, this portion is timed and called the 182 Stone Steps. A portion of the trail then crosses a steep bare red clay slope with intermittent stepping stones. This portion can be very slippery particularly if it’s wet or raining. I don’t think I would want to cross this in a heavy ran. Parts of the trail from here to the reservoir have very slippery red clay. The trail eventually levels off in a pine forest and you come out into a flat area where there is a large water reservoir and some power lines and a transformer station. At this point we had trouble finding the continuation of the trail and eventually turned around. There are several roads here that we tried but we didn’t spot a trail sign continuing. We had lunch here and turned around partly because heavy showers were forecast. I would probably download the trail map take a gps device next time. Overall a good workout, the foliage limits the ocean views at the level we got to, but some nice views of the valley. We are both fit, do 3-4 half marathons a year and a lot of hiking and trail runnng.