Koko Crater Trail

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Koko Crater Trail is a 1.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Honolulu, Hawaii that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

1.8 miles
820 feet
Out & Back

kid friendly



nature trips

trail running




wild flowers


no dogs

This is a steep climb to the top of Koko Head Crater with spectacular panoramic views of the east Honolulu shoreline. The 1000 plus step-like walking track consists of abandoned railroad ties that run along the crater's west side to the top of Koko Crater. The military used them previously during World War II as part of an incline tram to transport supplies to a lookout post at the summit. A short drive from Diamond Head and Waikiki, this popular hiking trail can be accessed at Koko Head Park in Hawaii Kai. This is a great workout with a beautiful view at the summit -don't forget to bring water! Visitors might also be interested in the Koko Crater Botanical Garden at the top of the crater.

Great workout. Crowded.

8 hours ago

Awesome views! The bridge is a little terrifying, but extremely doable. Bypass is awesome too, super easy to navigate. Coming from a new hiker, don’t be intimidated.

23 hours ago

completed this for the 2nd time today. I think I will do this every time I visit. I would not rate it as Hard. It's steep, but not dangerous or technical. Just a lot of steps and a lot of people. You will be in good company though, lots of people stopping along the way. Everyone is pulling for each other and offering words of encouragement. It's a great feeling to reach the top and have a total stranger congratulate you. Do note, there is a bypass to avoid climbing across the exposed gulch. The bypass is very easy and fast. I was able to go the bypass route faster than others negotiated the exposed railroad ties. The views at the top are absolutely amazing. Bring a snack and explore all areas at the top. You wont regret it.

1 day ago

great view.. parking limited.. lots of traffic on trail.. get there early!

5 days ago

This used to be my backyard growing up an I had hiked it several times as a young teenager
There used to be nobody hiking back then
Wanted to be there for Sunrise 1/13 7:11a
When we arrived at 7a I was surprised that the lot was already full, I guess because it was Saturday
Although I’m mid 50’s and overweight, this hike was a great workout
At the top the infamous message “THIS IS NOT A DRILL!” appears on many of our phones
360 views from just over 1K feet
Going down can be tricky on the steeps
Sturdy shoes and early start recommended
A particular hike I am unlikely to forget

5 days ago

Took me about 45 minutes going up. Stoped maybe 5 times. I'm 5'7" and 170lbs. I'm not the best shape.

It's a short one but pretty steep. The top is absolutely amazing! 360 degree view. On the other side of the hike/mountain there is a back trail. Easy as in physicality but a little more dangerous. Not horribly but a little dangerous. That part was actually my favorite part.

9 days ago

If you like a challenge, this is your trail! Steep, exposed and crowded, but worth every step (up and down) for the view and sense of accomplishment! Appreciated the "You can do it!" words of encouragement from fellow climbers. Bring food and water.

10 days ago

Painful climb, great view and worth the trip. Should have brought my trekking poles. Take water, sunscreen and take your time.

12 days ago

Great workout. When wet is very slippery on the way down. Slipped on the wet railroad ties and twisted my ankle. Other than that a great experience.

Went up with my 7 and 10 year old kids. We went midday which was a mistake since it got quite hot and it was very! strenuous. We went slow with a lot of breaks and we ran out of water, although I thought we had enough, so bring plenty of fluids on this hike. Trail is very crowded, the view is beautiful. Down was almost worse than up, my legs felt all wobbly. This is a “done it, don’t need to go again” hike for me.

16 days ago

Tough and progressively steep hike up the crater. Started off pretty strong, but finally caved and took a breather about 3/4 of the way up. Made it up in just under 30 min. Was met with a breathtaking view and most welcome wind once at the top. The hike down was much easier, but did manage to slip when I overstepped a tie. Would love to make that hike every day.

20 days ago

Toughest hike I’ve ever done!

20 days ago

Great way to see the island!

22 days ago

Difficult trail but the views at the top are totally worth it!

22 days ago

It's a difficult trail. The panorama view at the top is fantastic and worth it. I personally think this trail is more attractive than that in Diamond head.

3 hours for round trip including time for taking pictures.

Once you go to the top, try to find some small roads around, each will provide you with a different view of the bay and city.

23 days ago

Koko Head hiking is a must if you visit Hawaii. It is rated as difficult and I must agree. The walk from the parking lot to the first step is a definite pre workout, especially if you’re not a constant hiker or athlete at that. This is my second time climbing the majestic Koko Head. Both times it began to rain halfway through the hike, still, it was worth every step. In the middle of your hike you will find a good 15 steps that are exposed with no mountain support on the bottom. There’s a way around it if you’re not a thriller as myself. That part is the most dangerous and difficult as the traffic is moving and you can’t exactly stop in the middle, plus you wouldn’t want to either as you can easily fall between the logs. Once you reach the top you will be surrounded with amazing panoramic views. Many spots to choose from and get that perfect selfie or background of Hanauma Bay. My advice, try it out and push yourself to make it to the top. It will take your breath away. Mahalo!

23 days ago

Challenging but very good workout. Beats the stair master any day.

24 days ago

The breeze at the top is worth the grind to get there

25 days ago

Challenging hike. Awkward steps. Great views at the top.

26 days ago

Great hike! Took about 20 minutes to get to the talk but my husband and I are in shape and didn't need a break. I don't recommend if you don't have good knees as it requires a lot of lunging and steep steps. The view is totally worth it! Especially at the sunrise!

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