3.7 miles
1,302 feet
Out & Back

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nature trips



over grown

private property

27 days ago

Long socks or pants are a requirement! Be prepared to look where you step because of hidden trip hazards brought to you by Mother Nature :)! But beyond the Ankle/Shin scratches and 6’5” California grass; as well as, the red ants along the way. The trail is relatively easy and requires a minimum level of cardiovascular exertion to get through it. We started the trail just after 6 and fumbled our way through the the tree line trying to locate the trail head.

We got to going at a good pace. My height made a lot of navigation easy even though I’m 1/2-1/4 of the way from being out of shape. No real dangerous spots out there. Just respect the path and you’ll make it off with no issues. The views, smells and sounds at the end were worth the below the knee rubs.

The return trip was easier until we got to the end and wasn’t sure which route to take. So we just went with where we saw the grass laying down before ending back on the trail (in other words we took a shortcut down the side of the trail to get back on the trail). Saw one of the flat land gathering sites mentioned in other posts where you could camp out at. Just an amazing hike to start your day and only saw two others up there. Also great for Koko Crater/Head photos on your return trip.