Kalepa Ridge Trail

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Kalepa Ridge Trail is a 1.6 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Kekaha, Hawaii that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking and birding and is accessible year-round.

1.6 miles
685 feet
Out & Back





wild flowers


over grown


no dogs

Difficult trail along Kalepa Ridge above the Kalalau Valley in Kokee St. This park features spectacular views.

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13 days ago

Such a good hike, perfect length, perfect difficulty. To be frank, I don't work out, I'm by no means a hiking freak -- and I was FINE. Don't let that "hard" scare you. I will warn you though, it was pretty slippery. I ended up doing the whole thing barefoot for better traction.

15 days ago

Beautiful! Maybe the most. But watch your step, it's a long way down.

18 days ago

Incredible hike with amazing views and a great bang for your buck for both time and energy.

The first 500 ft is steep and muddy, and after the trail is relatively flat, and gets narrow in places. Wear pants if you don't want to get scraped by bushes. It took us about 90 minutes round Trip.

All in all an awesome little hike.

19 days ago

19 days ago

One of my favorite hikes in life. Views for days..

21 days ago

This is the must - do hike on Kauai! You don't have to wait until the end-- there are stunning views at every turn! The weather was dry and it's not dangerous as long as you're not stupid. The trail is close to the edge; it's just about a mile out to the point and pretty steep down hill in sections. We saw mountain goats romping on the side of the cliff and white-tailed tropic birds soaring below in addition to the amazing landscape!

21 days ago

Amazing view at the end

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1 month ago

Absolutely amazing views from this trail! Seems a little difficult at first but the trail becomes a lot less steep the farther you go. It starts along the left side of kalalau lookout. Look for a little gate in the metal fence. It isnt marked very well, but it is pretty easy to find. First couple view points are great, but the view from the point is breathtaking. Definitely worth the hike! Took us a little under an hour each way.

1 month ago

Amazing ! We are beginner hikes in good shape (also in our twenties) and we found this trail very do-able. The way down offers more and more beautiful views. It's so rewarding !! Breathtaking ! And you go all the way down to the tip and then back up (which is much harder since it's pretty uphill and ours was wet). We wore running shoes which was great. But we saw 2 girls in flip flops do it with a guide.

Conclusion: absolutely incredible and worth it ! Go in the morning to have less clouds (we went in afternoon) and if worried bring someone with you! Pants are a good idea since there were a lot of bushes. Weather changed constantly but gave amazing views anyhow .

1 month ago

1 month ago

Best views of my life. Do it in the morning to beat the crowds! Trail starts at the Kaulalau lookout if you follow the chain fence around to the left. The weather changed constantly just while we were on the trail. Clouds blew in and out, perpetually changing the landscape so don't be discouraged if the weather isn't what you want at first.

The views are great right away and if you're not feeling up to the challenge of the whole thing, the first couple lookouts are a good example of what you'll see the rest of the way. However, I'd say it's worth getting out to the very tip and looking down at the beach. Keep going until you're very clearly at the end and meet just dirt drop offs on all sides- you'll know when you get there.

Might want to consider long pants: it's a little bush wack-y at parts and we got slightly scratched up. Nothing dangerous about the trail if you're smart and go in daylight and not when it's wet or slippery. It's pretty short, but the steep uphill coming back and the narrow nature of the path is probably why it's marked as "hard". It takes your breath away for sure (in more ways than one!) but it's not insanely challenging. Definitely my favorite spot in Kauai!

2 months ago

Spectacular views for sure. Not particularly difficult other than a few narrow/technical sections. I took a group of hikers ranging from beginner to experienced adventurers, and only a couple of them experienced difficulty with the trail. A few nearly scrambling steep sections, with short areas of gently sloping reprieve between.

The weather was great, and the trail was dry. I would definitely not attempt this trail in the rain. The trail is nearly all dirt, and if wet, I'm certain would spell disaster. There aren't any real razor edges, but close and if slippery would not be worth the risk. I would only hike this trail when dry.

The views were spectacular, and I will add this trail to my must complete next time I'm on Kauai. One of my new favorite hikes for sure. The view at the end overlooks Kalalau Beach.

2 months ago

Some of the best views you'll find on the island (and maybe the world).

First, if you're hiking this trail for the view (which you should), check the weather and go early. The consensus seemed to be that clouds liked to move into this region around 10am and beyond each day. We drove up to Waimea from Lihue one day around 10:30 and were greeted by showers and fog so we had to turn around and try again earlier the following day.

Next, this trail is not for the faint of heart. There's scarier hikes out there (I heard a lot about the perils of Oahu's Pu'u Manamana while I was there) but there's most definitely some exposed areas here that'll have a lot of folks reminding themselves not to look down. The good news is, contrary to some of the other ridges we hiked during our Hawaii stay, Kalepa often only has a drop off on one side, with some semblance of stable land usually along the other. We had no close calls or near misses and never really felt like we were in too much danger.

That said, as a visiting tourists who consider themselves experienced hikers but not exceptional ones, this trail gave us pause on account of it being a little unofficial. We weren't sure what to expect in terms of maintenance or safety assurances so while it appeared to be quite hike-able, we did so haltingly.

Semi-related, at one point we thought we'd reached the end of the trail because we found a fire pit and two photographers posted up getting their shots of a glorious overlook. We saw the trail continued onward but weren't sure if that was a portion beyond the real trail that we'd been warned not to continue on.

As it turns out, the part past the fire pit is still the regular trail. We followed it down another sharp decline and came across a sketchy looking ridge with dropoffs on both sides and ground that looked somewhat uneven (and with clouds rolling in). From watching videos later, it was probably pretty readily do-able but after a close call at Ka'au Crater a week earlier, and our uncertainty at the time as to whether it was still a part of the trail (felt like we'd gone beyond 0.8 miles at that point) we decided that maybe it wasn't time to push our luck again and returned to the stunning fire pit lookout.

Point being: Be adventurous but hike smart. Know your zone. If you have concerns but really want to hike this spot, I believe there are a lot of happy-go-lucky trail guides who'd be happy to lead the way (and probably laugh at the notion of that last portion being any sort of issue).

Go forth. With caution. Enjoy one of the greatest views of your life.

2 months ago

Beautiful and a great workout!

3 months ago

Amazing views. There are a couple camping areas as well. Highly recommend this hike, however it does get fairly narrow with some erosion on parts of the trail.

3 months ago