Kalepa Ridge Trail

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Kalepa Ridge Trail is a 1.6 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Kekaha, Hawaii that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking and birding and is accessible year-round.

1.6 miles
554 feet
Out & Back





wild flowers


over grown


no dogs

Difficult trail along Kalepa Ridge above the Kalalau Valley in Kokee St. This park features spectacular views.

6 hours ago

Beautiful views!! The entrance is to the left of the Kalalau Lookout sign. The trail was dry for the most part (hasn’t rained in ~5 days), but I definitely wouldn’t go if it has rained recently because there are some very steep and slippery parts. It wasn’t too difficult, but like others have mentioned just don’t do anything stupid and you’ll be fine! Definitely not for children though.

3 days ago

We loved this trail. I’m 41, above average condition. Hiked a bit, but by no means what I would call “a lot”. The views are spectacular all along the path. Mind blowingly spectacular. The trail is not that challenging from a physical fitness perspective, but very challenging from a “whoa, if I slip I’m not going to sprain my ankle, I’m going to die” perspective. I was genuinely scared once. Got through it and was thrilled the rest of the hike. We had crystal clear weather at around 11am and the trail was pretty dry. Totally do it, but don’t underestimate it. That said, I saw a guy out there in birkenstocks so maybe I’m just a chicken. Ha!

11 days ago

little risky when it's raining but worth the views. Best time to hike is sunrise

14 days ago

Awesome Tail! I’m featured in the first picture! Find me in the picture, I’m wearing a green shirt just about to walk on the ledge

20 days ago

Awesome trail with stunning views! It was challenging after several days of rain, very muddy and slippery. Definitely a must do!

Nice and short. Not difficult if you have good hiking shoes.

1 month ago

Amazing views the whole hike not just a view at the end.

2 months ago

Amazing views the whole way. I'd seriously advise against doing this if it's going to rain, or just rained. Super steep, muddy sections that could be a problem when wet. Other than that - DO IT.

3 months ago

Great hike with a breathtaking view !

3 months ago

I don’t think I have ever been more happy with such a short hike. So breathtakingly beautiful. The first part is steep downhill and then it levels off. This is rated “hard”.... but my 12 year old and my husband and I did this in flip flops. It was a dry day... if the trail was muddy I would have called it moderate. There were a few “holy crap that’s far down” moments, but if you are not stupid and are fairly active, you’ll be fine. Gorgeous gorgeous rewards for such a short trip.

3 months ago

My favorite hike!

3 months ago


4 months ago

Such a good hike, perfect length, perfect difficulty. To be frank, I don't work out, I'm by no means a hiking freak -- and I was FINE. Don't let that "hard" scare you. I will warn you though, it was pretty slippery. I ended up doing the whole thing barefoot for better traction.

4 months ago

Beautiful! Maybe the most. But watch your step, it's a long way down.

4 months ago

Incredible hike with amazing views and a great bang for your buck for both time and energy.

The first 500 ft is steep and muddy, and after the trail is relatively flat, and gets narrow in places. Wear pants if you don't want to get scraped by bushes. It took us about 90 minutes round Trip.

All in all an awesome little hike.

4 months ago

One of my favorite hikes in life. Views for days..

4 months ago

This is the must - do hike on Kauai! You don't have to wait until the end-- there are stunning views at every turn! The weather was dry and it's not dangerous as long as you're not stupid. The trail is close to the edge; it's just about a mile out to the point and pretty steep down hill in sections. We saw mountain goats romping on the side of the cliff and white-tailed tropic birds soaring below in addition to the amazing landscape!

Amazing view at the end

4 months ago

Absolutely amazing views from this trail! Seems a little difficult at first but the trail becomes a lot less steep the farther you go. It starts along the left side of kalalau lookout. Look for a little gate in the metal fence. It isnt marked very well, but it is pretty easy to find. First couple view points are great, but the view from the point is breathtaking. Definitely worth the hike! Took us a little under an hour each way.

5 months ago

Amazing ! We are beginner hikes in good shape (also in our twenties) and we found this trail very do-able. The way down offers more and more beautiful views. It's so rewarding !! Breathtaking ! And you go all the way down to the tip and then back up (which is much harder since it's pretty uphill and ours was wet). We wore running shoes which was great. But we saw 2 girls in flip flops do it with a guide.

Conclusion: absolutely incredible and worth it ! Go in the morning to have less clouds (we went in afternoon) and if worried bring someone with you! Pants are a good idea since there were a lot of bushes. Weather changed constantly but gave amazing views anyhow .

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