Kahekili Trail

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Kahekili Trail is a 1.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Kaaawa, Hawaii that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

1.9 miles
1,151 feet
Out & Back





wild flowers





old growth

over grown



no dogs

22 days ago

this trail can be very challenging and dangerous if wet.

23 days ago

In my opinion, this little valley is one of the most spiritually serene places on the island. There is something truly special about Kahekili’s eponymous trail - photogenic and giving at every turn.

There’s limited parking space for this hike. If you park near the trailhead, be mindful of Ka’awa residents. Consider parking off of Kamehameha Highway and walking back to the trailhead (it’s not far).

At the back of the road, you’ll see an old stacked lava rock wall beside the last house to the left. Walk to the right of this wall. Walk a short distance back into the valley before curving along the trail to the left and up the hillside.

Over the next .75 miles, there’s some elevation and climbing to do, but nothing too challenging for a decently experienced hiker (especially considering the brevity of this hike).

There are a few narrow trail sections and moderately technical rope scrambles to manage, but the views are totally worth it.

Whether you stop at the the first, second or third peak, you’re in for a treat. The views are spectacular. If you continue to the back of the valley, you’ll discover a little waterfall in the woods that begins a short distance from the trail and cascades down a series of pools before dropping over the edge of the valley’s rear cliff wall (when there’s enough water flow). Watch your footing on the rocks around the falls and pools.

Due to the rope climbing sections, this hike is not for dogs or children.

Payoff: 10/10
Intensity: 7/10
Risk: 7.5/10
Wayfinding: 7.5/10

28 days ago

Excellent hike, didn’t loop it but we made it to the waterfall and it was an awesome view from the top.

2 months ago

We hiked to the top of the falls and continued on to connect with the crouching lion ridge trail to make it a loop hike. There was a part not far beyond the waterfall that was a bit confusing where the trails to the left and right seemed to disappear into nothing. That is where we went straight up. Wear long pants since the brush is overgrown and scratchy here. Eventually we made it to the junction at the top. (Look for the geocache there). Take the trail on the right and you will eventually end at crouching lion. The views on this stretch are breathtaking, dizzying (and dangerous).

3 months ago

I am terrified of heights and tend to hate hiking, but this hike was pretty easy! Stunning views, a great look out and two different options of difficulty.
The trailhead opening leads to a fork of 2 paths. Go left for this trail. This trail is marked every now and then with pink ribbons. Everything is uphill and looks steep but honestly not bad. There are 2 areas that a rope is provided which is super nice.
Coming back down was a little tricky with it rainy yesterday so maybe don’t take this path if it’s been rainy. Overall a really fun hike.

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4 months ago

Saturday, February 18, 2017