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Haiku Stairs [CLOSED/ PRIVATE PROPERTY] is a 2.4 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Honolulu, Hawaii and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is accessible year-round.

2.4 miles
2736 feet
Out & Back


nature trips



private property

no dogs

NOTE: This trail is CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC and violators/trespassers are SUBJECT TO $1000 FINES, COMMUNITY SERVICE, BENCH WARRANTS, AND/OR ARREST. If you receive a citation you will be required to appear in court. PLEASE NOTE: The act of being ON the stairs is ILLEGAL and trespassing on government property. A powerful storm passed over the island of Oahu on in 2015 which caused significant damage to the stairway itself, rendering it dangerous and unusable. Hikers MUST be mindful of neighborhood residents who live in this area. Noise complaints, parking violations and exiting the trail via residential properties will result in a fine. The ONLY LEGAL WAY to get to the TOP of the Haiku Stairs can be found here: https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/hawaii/moanalua-valley-trail-to-the-haiku-stairs-stairway-to-heaven. Again, it is ILLEGAL to be on the HAIKU Stairs at any point along the route.

1 day ago

I've done this hike 169 times so far, and going again tomorrow!

Here are 5 things you should know.

(1) It is the safest way to reach that elevation on Oahu.

Over the last 70+ years, no one has ever died falling on the stairs.

(2) There is a ton of trash at the top.

Bring a folded heavy-duty trash bag to help with that.

(3) Try another route - NOT through the neighborhood!

Think: when is the last time you woke up at 3am and whispered: "Honey I think there's someone outside the house!"

Two people have recently been shot with a high powered air rifle which broke the skin. That was wrong of the shooter, but it's also not surprising.


Public record shows (contrary to popular speculation) that on average police dole out penalties every day.

Over the past three years the stairs have transitioned from a security guard after 5am, to a security guard there 24/7, and most recently a security guard 24/7 PLUS a uniformed police officer on-site to catch hikers.

Your fine is just $1,000 but collateral damage in lawyers fees, community service, plane tickets, court visits, impact on your job, etc is MANY TIMES that.

For locals, a mistake sets you back about $3,000. Visitors (with travel arrangements and time off) will be looking at roughly $5,000+

Any impact a misdemeanor has on your professional life is in addition to that

You can not be overly-cautious!

(5) This is the real Hawaii

Perhaps because you have literally stepped in-to it 3,992 times, this place immerses you in magic. You feel your heart beat, the smell the jungle, you hear the birds, you see the divine landscape, the air is cooler and fresher up there.

Along the way, I discover each time anew what it means to be human and never get tired of it.

That's the crazy part. I have not gotten tired of it yet!


now with special guards patrolling https://youtu.be/KROzFopwb9A

3 days ago

Exhilarating! It rained our entire way up, but didn't dampen the accomplishment. In case of rain, bring a small towel or towels to dry your hands/yourself. Take you time going down and enjoy the views!

3 days ago

Anybody up for this hike during the next 2 weeks?
hit me up
sc: zuerich3
ig: zuerich3

4 days ago

I saw many post & it freaked me out but I finally did it we entered @ access point 2 & Parked kinda close we saw a cop he told us that we were going the wrong way & it wasn't legal around 4:15ish the other ppl turned around & left but we just went around the corner & the cop wasn't siting there so we went under then fence onto a private road thing no dogs we then enter into the forest & later crossed another road into another forest well we went up to high & scaled the mountain but there's a lower level to reach we're u don't pass the guard. It was so epic we ended up going through a tunnel on the way back then there was a opening we went through the bars jumped into someone yard & ran to the road couple blocks down we found the car. We followed one of the navigation below & it helped a lot especially not seeing where u going @5am If ur gunna do the hike id do it before it's to late.bring extra shirts & h20

5 days ago

2 friends and I really want to do this hike, now idea how to get there tho. Anyone who can help us out or wants to join us tomorrow or sunday?

You can Email me at steftielbeke96@gmail.com

7 days ago

Must do! Awsome!!!

7 days ago

If you are interested in reaching the top in the next month or so you can contact me on Instagram: joeesepp or just email me at haikuexperience2015@gmail.com

9 days ago

Does anybody is interested to do it together sometime during those days- August 29th- September 4th??? Write me on my ig @norrrson

9 days ago

I want to do the hike on Tuesday August 15 if anyone is interested. Insta: @fourky8

10 days ago

Best experience of my life. By far!

10 days ago

11 days ago

I'm doing this hike tomorrow with my fiancée. I'm wondering if anyone has done it and is will to go back with us. So that we won't get lost and a ticket

11 days ago

Looking for people to go August 12 or 13. Insta @thewysong. Just visiting for the weekend and want to see cool stuff

13 days ago

Looking to hike with anyone who's done it before or knows the route to get to the hike! Or any other people who'd like to join me and my cousin tomorrow morning at 4am for the hike! Message me on instagram @nikolabalt

16 days ago

18 days ago

Is anyone interested in doing this hike tomorrow? Email me yesi_0594@hotmail.com

20 days ago

I have done this hike many times, if you need a guide to the trail for a fee, email me at Worrell.matthew@yahoo.com

21 days ago

I am looking for someone to hike this trail with me on 8/11. I would love a hiking buddy to navigate this beauty with. Email me at sullrich@iastate.edu or IG DM @shesheshelby. Would also appreciate tips/tricks (:

22 days ago

Words cannot describe the amazing feeling after completing this hike.