Haena Beach Trail

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Haena Beach Trail is a 5.1 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Keaau, Hawaii that features a great forest setting. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and trail running.

5.1 miles
291 feet
Out & Back

kid friendly


trail running



no dogs

18 days ago

Nice flat hike. Very easy by Hawaii standards. Plan on getting a little muddy. Shipman beach is great: Saw several sea turtles sunbathing on the rocks in the shallows. 4.75 miles from the parking lot to the beach and back as measured by my Garmin watch.

19 days ago

Did this in early May 2018. The location is accurate but go another 50 meters past the Google Maps stop to find the parking lot. This is more of a moderately difficult hike. It’s a straight trail directly to the beach but the path consists largely of rocks and roots from the canopy and lots and lots of mud. It’s possible to avoid most of the mud but it’s slow-going. We took about 75 min to get to the beach. Water is cold from the freshwater feeding into the bay. Saw about 6 sea turtles on the rocks. Very refreshing to hop into the water. No real snorkeling opportunities but the water is nice. Bring LOTS of water. It gets really hot and humid. The trail is tough on ankles and knees.

1 month ago

My family (me 47, husband 49, kids 14 and 12) really enjoyed this hike. We aren't the fittest family out there but we aren't the laziest either.... I would say it was more moderate than easy just due to length. It did not rain but it has been raining a lot here in the area. It was muddy but not bad. Wear good shoes. Rocks can be slippery. Beach is LOVELY. Cold water felt wonderful. We had no bug issues.

3 months ago

I would not categorize this as easy, more moderate ( for a fairly in shape 50+ year old). My normal on road walk is about 14 minutes per mile, this hike took a good hour one way. It was very wet and had to go off trail to get around standing water, that did slow things down. There is a pill box from World War II on the trail. The hike is really pretty, but the beach is spectacular and the water refreshing. We were warned not to go into the water near the north side of the beach, as people have drowned in that area. There were two large turtles on the lava rocks. Well worth the time. Bring water if it’s sunny out. Enjoy.

3 months ago

Easy hike to a fantastic beach that had a large family of turtles hanging out! Trail is marked and easy to follow.

4 months ago

A nice easy jaunt out and back. A few puddles that are easily traversed. It’s like you are going right through the jungle.
You end up at a beautiful white sand beach in a secluded cove. Best of all - there was a pack of sea turtles - 15 of them, sitting on the rocks having a turtle nap! They were amazing, breathtaking creatures. I’m not sure if they’re there every time, but that was really breathtaking to get up close and see these fantastic animals. We were there about 430pm, before the sun was setting and the tide was moving out.
The hike is worth it - do it!

5 months ago

The forest trail is a near total waste of time. Full of bugs, soggy, slippery, rocky, and (in December) full of path-blocking mud puddles. Worst, at the end of the trail, just before the beach, the trail becomes a swamp. You will sink in the mud, at least up to your knees, if you attempt to walk across it. It’s real-life quicksand. You may completely lose your shoes. A disgusting pit. Even if you make it to the “beach,” it’s steep, tiny, and NOT worth the walk. Stop at the cliffs and grassy area...that’s the better spot. Even still, the “forest trail” gets 1 star.

Taking the ocean trail, by contrast is vastly superior. Easy trail, with nothing that approximates real bouldering (as another post implied). Beautiful views throughout and way fewer bugs or obstacles. The “ocean trail” is exponentially better than its “forest” counterpart, and musters 3 stars.

A unique flaw: a mentally ill man, about 5’10” and 200lbs who drives a beat up silver/gray Hyundai Sonata, lurks in the parking lot. In broad daylight at 4:30pm, in the parking lot itself, he stalked and threatened my wife today. Speaking with a few locals, we found out he does this with regularity, even assaulting a woman by spraying something in her face recently. We called the police, and Hilo PD came swiftly, found him (by the ocean where he’d stalked us), and began to interrogate him. We left at this point. The mentally ill assailant gets zero stars.

The experience was magical.

5 months ago

I would have rated it moderate. despite no elevation gain, the trail poses some difficulty given the mud and uneven surface. the place is beautiful and tranquil, with the sound of the sea on the background all the way. the beach at the end is a treat and we saw turtles swimming.

6 months ago

Baignade dans une espèce de piscine naturelle, mais l’eau est très froide à cause du torrent qui se jette dans la mer à cet endroit. Nous avons eu la chance de voir 7 tortues

7 months ago

Beautiful little beach at the end of the trail. Well worth the journey to get here. Bring bug spray, water, and maybe a snack!

9 months ago

Bring water and leave early to avoid the heat but a bucket list beach if you can be there alone. Having a bunch of kids in tow seemed to scare everyone away! Had a most excellent adventure!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Known as Shipman Beach (if you Google that name, you'll be taken to the correct starting point). the path is amazingly easy up until right before the beach itself. It's a very nice walk, great views and the sound of the ocean the entire time. There's two paths - the ocean trail and the forest trail. I very much suggest the forest trail... the ocean trail is hard, wet, and going over boulders. If you follow the forest trail, it will lead to the ocean and you're nearly there! Continue until you see the beach. Remember where you popped out to the ocean, because you don't want to miss out on the way back! It's very easy to do. The beach is pretty, the ocean shallow, and it's a great place to spend a few hours. Beware - there is a rip tide on the far side, you'll see that's where the ocean comes in and out without the natural break. I've taken my dog a few times, it's perfect for him. The trail does go through a Nene reserve, so please make sure to leash dogs when going through. Other people also bring dogs, so be aware of that.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Loved it. It is rocky and muddy in spots, but clearly marked and the view at the end is worth every step.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rocky path.

Friday, January 06, 2017

It's not an easy trail.
It is flat but very rocky and muddy. Your feet will hurt at the end. But it's beautiful.
It took us a good hour and a half each way.
There's a beach at the end. If you can't see it- then your not there yet. The trail ends at the beach.
We enjoyed it. If your with kids it will take much longer.
It was fun.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Nothing that deserves the name "trail".

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Since the Puna Trail goes for quite a distance, the trail out to Haena Beach is known as Shipman Beach (trail) after the family who owns most of the property. The trail through the jungle is relatively flat but super mucky. The end is a whitish sand beach, the only one in Puna. Many sea turtle frequent it, but the tides near the far end can be treacherous. Keep eye on everyone!

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Ends at the beach. In Hawaiian paradise park. Drive down kaloli street and it will dead end on beach road. There is a parking area lined by boulders. bring good hiking shoes, mosquitos spray and something for the beach at the end. Can be a loop also.

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