3.1 miles
150 feet
Out & Back


nature trips




no dogs

4 months ago

We parked on the west end and biked along the trail almost to the end, before getting off our bikes and hiking across the lava field. Biking was fun, but kind of stressful on semi-road bike tires as the road was loose gravel. Hiking was super unique over pahoehoe lava. I wore tennis shoes and ended up with a cut on the back of my calf from a portion of lava that broke off and cut me. Flashlights are a must for the hike back in the dark (you want to see the lava in the dark right?). Also I'd highly recommend a GPS or some sort of light beacon as walking through the pahoehoe lava field in the dark is very directionally disorienting. We had a beacon on the bikes AND a GPS, in the end the GPS helped the most. We left Kona around 3:30pm and go to the lava flow right around 7:45. Be prepared for challenging navigation through the lava field as it has many ridges and valleys. Lava was flowing crazy well when we went, I stood within 3 feet of a large flow for moment.