Diamond Head (Le'ahi) Summit Trail

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Diamond Head (Le'ahi) Summit Trail is a 1.6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Kaimuki, Hawaii that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running and is accessible year-round.

1.6 miles
498 feet
Out & Back

kid friendly


trail running



no dogs

The Diamond Head Summit trail hike is likely the most popular hike in Oahu, and for good reason. While fairly steep, this easy hike starts from the middle of the Diamond Head volcanic crater and climbs about 500 feet up the side to the top of the rim where panoramic views await. Diamond Head State Monument encompasses over 475 acres, including the interior and outer slopes of the crater. The Diamond Head crater is more than 3,500 feet in diameter and is part of the Hawaiian volcano chain from more than a half million years ago (don't worry, it has been dormant for at least 150,000 years now). The crater is also called "Le'ahi," which means "brow of the tuna" in Hawaiian. It got the name Diamond Head almost 200 years ago when British sailors believed there were diamonds in the side of the crater. Although none were found, the name stuck. The trail was built in 1908 as part of the Oahu coastal defense system. The World War II bunkers on top now support antennas used by the government. The trail starts on a paved path before climbing several steep switchbacks leading to the first set of steep stairs. After the stairs you will climb through a tunnel and then climb up another set of stairs before reaching the bunkers at the top of the rim. Once on top you can climb up to the top of the bunkers for 360-degree views of the island and Pacific Ocean, with Waikiki not too far away. The last entrance to hike the trail is at 4:30 pm. The gates are locked at 6:00 pm daily and all visitors must be out of the park by this time.

14 minutes ago

This hike had some great views, but was very crowded. Preferred other hikes in the area much more than this one. You had to park very far away and then were pushed along through the hike because of the swarms of people. Save your time, pick a different hike.

3 days ago

Me and my then fiancé did this hike back in 2016. Such a cool hike with breathtaking views! The trails do tend to get crowded, but well worth it when you reach the top.

6 days ago

It is a moderately hard trail for inexperienced hikers, mainly because of the direct sunlight. It gets pretty hot.
Personally, I think there are MUCH better hikes in this immediate area that offer better views and a more enjoyable experience.
The fee is $1 for those walking in, but $5 per car wanting to park. The lot fills very quickly, so you should plan on having to park at the base of the State Park and walking up. It’s actually a pretty fun walk because of the tunnel thru the crater!
There are cold drinks, shaved ice, souvenirs, and restrooms at the start of the trail itself.
Kids can certainly hike this, but please be prepared with plenty of water and helping hands! It can get crowded and the rocks are not always steady. The sun can get pretty intense, so it may be better for the slightly older kids.
They do offer a one way trolley ride for $10, and it takes you back to the heart of Waikiki. It’s an open aired trolley—it’s a fun experience for any age!

9 days ago

This was a very heavily trafficked area and the trail itself is quite thin along the trail so that it is tough to pass individuals that are climbing up. It has some very interesting features about it with the bunkers and the stairwells and the tunnels.

14 days ago

Super chill hike, one of my go to hikes just to workout since it’s so close to home !! Expect a lot of tourists but all in all a decent hike !

16 days ago

Great hike if you’re visiting Hawai’i for the first time.

17 days ago

Way too many people but a nice view.

17 days ago

good beginner climb

19 days ago

Great hike for a beginner hiker. Although rated as easy may not be the best for the leisurely tourist just looking to sightsee, several steep staircases. If you are looking for a good workout, Diamond Head is great, but definitely a little too crowded for that.

19 days ago

Way to crowded

20 days ago

I'd say its between easy and moderate. but honestly moderate for me being out of shape. the steep stairs going up and the tunnel were steep for me. but its very popular and gorgeous! big big crowds!

21 days ago

Kid friendly. If your driving and you see a trolly in the tunnel do not go inside the tunnel wait until the trolley goes by first ! Both don’t fit inside tunnel

21 days ago

Used this trail as a way to watch a stellar sunrise . Was fairly easy in the dark before the sunrise. Didn’t take nearly as long as others mentioned. It was crazy to see some people even running it as portions of it are a little slow going (bridge). The view of the incline was crazy from both the bottom and at the top. Awesome views worth the hike!

21 days ago

Loved the walk. This was my first of 4 hikes while in Hawaii. Can’t wait to return.

27 days ago

Go early for sunrise to avoid some of the crowds, beautiful view of the sunrise, and avoid some of the heat. Good trail conditions

29 days ago

good trail, but very crowded

1 month ago

Many, many tourists. Parking lot is small and fills quickly. Between the trail being closed for maintenance and the full parking lot, we had to return three separate times to actually do this hike. View from top is spectacular but very crowded.

1 month ago

From bus stop it takes like 8-15 minutes to get to walk to. Costs $1 to hike. Stops allowing hikers in after 4 or 430pm.

At bottom of mountain to the top it took me 23-25 minutes. I'm not in the best shape. I'm 5'7 and 170lbs at 31 years old.

It's a quick hike. Pretty easy. Maybe 2 steep sections of stairs. There's cool tunnels you walk through as well as a old bunker and spiral stair case. The view at the top is obviously amazing. It's Hawaii! This is a touristy hike. Very popular.

1 month ago

So many people. Not that great of a view. Might be the most overrated trail I’ve ever done. Try kokohead instead. Better view and fewer people.

1 month ago

Very easy trail to maneuver. Great view of the sunrise! Just make sure you’re there close to opening time of 6 AM in order to get a good picture spot.

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