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4 months ago

I hiked all the trails on Saturday in Cloudland with the exception of Bear Creek Backcountry Trail because it was closed. If you are looking to have a good 15 mile day this would be a good park to hike. All the trails are well maintained and easy trekking. The most strenuous place in these trails are the stairs that exist to access/exit Sitton’s Gulch Trail - about 600 or so. This was my first time at this park, and I was blown away at the beauty of the canyon and the falls. Aside from the stairs these trails are not hard, but offer a good day of beauty and exercise. I would suggest the following “loop”: Park at the Trenton trailhead for Sitton’s Gulch Trail and begin hiking. This trail is 2 miles one way; make your way up the stairs (congratulations you just made it through the most strenuous part of the whole day). Keep going up to Overlook Trail which is up and beyond the Waterfall trails which I would save for last just because who eats dessert prior to the meal? Hike the Overlook Trail all the way back and up to the Two Mile Backcountry Loop. When you get to the actual loop which is about 2 miles or so after you reach the start of Overlook Trail, then, I suggest taking the left road and loop back around to save best for last; after loop make your way back through Overlook Trail and down to hike West Rim Loop which is 6 miles - take the left road for woods and the loop will bring you back around for canyon views and much needed breeze to cool you down. Head back down and see Cherokee and Hemlock Falls and make your way back out to the trailhead at Sitton’s Gulch. Wonderful day!