Pine Mountain Trail

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Pine Mountain Trail is a 22.2 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Hamilton, Georgia that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, camping, and backpacking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 22.2 miles Elevation Gain: 3,251 feet Route Type: Point to Point

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18 days ago

Did all 23 miles in a day a few years ago with a friend. Eastern terminus (tower) to Western (Restaurant) with car staged at either end. Water pump kept my CamelBak full of water and I ate jerkey and trailmix for lunch/snack. Plenty of water sources so if you can purify water you won't need to carry a whole lot. If you live in GA or AL I would highly recommend this as a nice epic one day hike

26 days ago

Great trail. Very easy and peaceful hike. A couple water crossings but had no problem crossing on bridges or rocks on a couple small streams.

29 days ago

It was an unexpected hike that was perfect for our day! Christmas Eve hike! Our 4-year old son hiked 3-miles with ease!

1 month ago

23 miles all in one day. Nice rolling terrain.

3 months ago

4 months ago

7 months ago

awesome trail!!!

9 months ago

Completed Wolf Den Loop fall 2018 and set Easter Weekend 2019 for a little longer hike. Arrived Friday 19th after the storm and a few inches of rain. Tent camped at FDR park. 20 Apr: Hiked the Pool Trial to the PMT then proceeded to Mollyhugger Parking lot, crossed the road onto Sawtooth and continued to the CCC fish hatchery at MM3. Trial is well maintained and marked with 3 fresh blow downs across the trail. Stream crossings weren't an issue since water level had receded overnight. The weather may have influenced some from the trail as I only encountered 2 folks. The loop is approx 13 miles and completed in 6 hrs. Returning mid-May and start o-dark thirty from the TV tower and hike thru to the Country Store in a day. Using this area to gauge mileage and pack weight for future AT hikes.

10 months ago

Very nice trail and well maintained.

10 months ago

No name parking lot to backwoods camp site

Mon Jan 14 2019

A few guys and I hiked the whole trail in two days. If you do not want to camp you can stay at the Mountain Top lodge. You hit Hines Gap Rd roughly at mile mark 12 and the lodge is .7 miles from this point. We used two vehicles one was staged at the lodge and the other at the trailhead. The next morning we moved one vehicle to the end of the trail.

Sun Jan 13 2019

Three of us hiked the trail from the country store to the TV tower this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the views and the trail itself. Stopped half way and stayed overnight at Mountain Top Inn. Really good two-dayer!

Sat Dec 29 2018

Bittersweet my goal was to hike the whole trail in one day, but I had to bow out at Dowdell Trail head because I couldn't make the last 7 miles. I'll try again one day but it is an amazing trial.

Sun Nov 25 2018

This is a great trail with many wilderness campgrounds and good water sources. It is very diverse in the terrain that you hike through with some rugged parts that will challenge you. Many beautiful views along the way. The east end has a number of stream crossings and waterfalls.

Sat Nov 10 2018

We completed the 23-mile trail from 10-12 Nov 2018; starting at the radio tower parking area and ending at the Country store parking area. Our itinerary was as follows: Day 1: WJSP Tower to Sparks Creek Campsite (6 miles) Day 2: Sparks Creek Campsite to Big Knot Campsite (9 miles) Day 3: Big Knot Campsite to Country Store Parking Area (8 miles). This is an awesome trail with excellent established and maintained campsites throughout. It is a good idea to checkout the Pine Mountain Trail Association (PMTA) website to help in your planning of a day hike, backpack trip, or camping. The link is:

Fri Sep 28 2018

Great trail!! Having said that, it kicked my tail.

Thu May 24 2018

We thru hiked the trail over the weekend. The trail is beautiful! We saw tons of wildlife and flowers. If you are not able to climb up and over rocks then I do not suggest thru hiking this trail but if you can it is worth it! ***If thru hiking bring water filter and water purification drops, some of the water sources looked disgusting and smelled like rotten eggs but others were perfect. Just be prepared!

Wed May 23 2018

Great Backcountry camping site. We did 5 the first day, 15 the second, and 3 the third. It would be a great overnight hike for advance trekkers and training for the an AT thru. Okay for first timers if broken up different then what we did. It does have some challenging ascends for first timers.

Sat Feb 03 2018

Great Trail! Parked in the lot across from the country store and walked to the trail head which was about 200 yards up on the right. The trail starts off a bit rocky but not bad at all. I wore Altra Superior 3.0 without rock plates and I was ok. It may have been a little better with them. The trail is very well marked in my opinion. There are mile markers every mile. They were a little short according to my Garmin but not enough to matter. However, my Garmin may have been lagging. By the markers I ran 10 miles, by Gamin it was 9.8. There are blue markings on the trees to guide you between markers. Elevation gain was around 1200 feet over the 10 miles. I did a 5 mile out and back beginning at the 0 mile marker. The veiws are pretty good. There are trails that break off the main trail that are also marked. Around mile 3 there is a Ranger Station and a map. It explains that you need to pay to park and uses the good ol' honor system box. However, there were no forms. I guess that's for parking in the park. Expect leaf coverage and roots. There is a very small stream crossing in the first few miles. It may have been 4 feet across. I ran the trail on Monday morning and I had the place to myself. Be careful because you will cross the road a few times. The trail is very easy to find again. I will be going back to this jewel again for sure.

Mon Jan 22 2018

One of my favorite backcountry trails to take my scout troop. We backpacked from the Ranger Station (mile 4ish) to the TV tower (mile 23) with a couple of small side hikes (Dowdell Knob overlook). Lots of options and different mileages for backcountry camping and also lots of water for filtering/treating. Some great views (Dowdell Knob), rolling elevation (see cross section map) and rocks (wear appropriate footwear) that can be challenging. The last three miles of the Wolfden section has some very pretty waterfalls and water crossings.

Sun Dec 24 2017

Pine Mountain is beautiful, especially in the late autumn as the trees change color and the campsite crowds diminish. I love the many loops and sub-trails on the mountain that allow me to pick from among different types of views, lengths, and levels of difficulty (though none of the paths rate as difficult) depending on my mood, time of day/year, weather conditions, and whether I want to camp overnight along the hike. Mountain trail runners also love the main spine trail, but I prefer the quieter walks past waterfalls, through the woods, and among the rocky outcrops.

Sat Nov 18 2017

Lovely area. Nice rocks to climb too!

Tue Jul 18 2017

Did the whole thing, 11.5 hours plenty of watering streams today:)

Sun Jul 02 2017

I've almost sectioned hike the whole thing, all but 3 miles and I love every mile, it's a moderate to slow in some areas hike through out the the whole trail. Really love the over looks provided but the trail and Ferney the big loblolly pine!

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