Photos of Ohoopee River: Griffin Ferry Road to Altamaha River

48.8 miles
91 feet
Point to Point

dog friendly

paddle sports

paddle sports
Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Ok- this river is a treat. Not for those who are trying to relax or go down a lazy river. This has many obstacles and beauty abounds. My son 15 and daughter 11 kayaked with me and we camped too. Day one put in under the over pass and on highway 292 (I think). This was a heavily populated area and it was a little overwhelming. We camped on a sandbar just after the highway 280 bridge. On day two we paddled all the way down to the highway 178 it is just down and across the street from GSP. After we got out a ways there were a few people peppered throughout but were friendly enough. I have to admit, there were moments of intense anxiety and extreme pleasure. It was well worth the time we got to spend together. I took a paddle board too. This IS NOT a paddle board river. My only regret was I didn't take any pictures it seemed that I was constantly trying to navigate through trees and help the kiddos from getting stuck. The two most beautiful points is an old wooden bridge and the dam. I would love to go back and spend the day exploring those things a little more.

The sad part and why it couldn't get five stars from me: it looks in some places like a dumping ground. I would like to take a big trash bag with me and try to get as much trash as I can on my next trip. It was sad to see so much garbage.

Go see and explore, it's unforgettable!!