5.3 miles
882 feet

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7 months ago

Not much scenery on the trails. It’s just a walk in the woods. I was perfectly fine with that. If I were looking for a view, I would have hit up Stone Mountain for a close by route. These trails are more of what I am looking for, a decent place to train and condition for backpacking.

Hilltop Trail is where I started 1.4 miles. Pretty easily traveled. I then caught the Mountainside Trail around until I noticed the Ridgeline Trail. When I started onto Ridgeline, I noticed what seemed like a trail going up the actual ridge. About half way up, I lost sight of any sign of a trail. A runner then came up and mentioned that their is an actual side trail to the top of Sawnee Mountain off the Ridgeline. I continued to the top after a snack break. Not marked very well, no blaze markers at all from what I noticed. The trail is also covered in leaves this time of year. I then traveled back down where I went up to catch the Ridgeline Trail to the parking lot. All together I was just over 5 miles at this point.

Then decided to track back up the Ridgeline Trail to the Mountainside Loop Trail. You miss .5 of the loop by taking the Ridgeline Trail. I then took the Hilltop Trail back to where I started.

Lots of runners on the trails. They are fairly wide. Like if as it were a road for ATV’s. Simple to hike other than the loose rocks in places.

I find these trails moderately easy.

Although these are decent trails, they weren’t enough for me. I had almost do them twice to get close to the conditioning and training I am looking for close to home. I will keep these and the Indian Seats in mind. They are doing a great job at Sawnee Mountain.

All together, I put in about 8.9 miles in about 2 and 1/2 hours.