Logan Turnpike Trail

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Logan Turnpike Trail is a 4.1 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Cleveland, Georgia that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and bird watching and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 4.1 miles Elevation Gain: 1,161 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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over grown

An hiking trail connecting the lower valley with Tesnatee Gap along Highway 348 (Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway). The southern trailhead is now closed, but the trail can be accessed from the north.

4 months ago

Fun trail but it would be much better to be open at both ends.

over grown
washed out
Wed Feb 06 2019

I tried to hike this trail on Saturday from Testnatee Gap, mostly out of curiosity.I wasn’t sure if I should just follow the old roadbed because there were no markings! The “trail” was overgrown, uneven, and a real challenge! I made it about 8 tenths of a mile before turning back! I’ve had a knee replacement & orthroscopic surgery and was afraid my knees couldn’t handle it, given the uneven nature of the trail! I’ve managed fine on other trails! I’ve had bushwhacking trips that were easier going! Made it back to the top but my knees are still killing me! This might be a great trail with an amazing history but needs some serious trail maintenance! Let me know if I can help! Now it’s time to put more Joint Flex on my aching knees!

Mon Dec 31 2018

Hiked this area of Logan turnpike for the last 25 years--NEED SUPPORT FOR THIS!!! went to hike the logan turnpike trail last weekend and the road was closed with a national forest gate with private signs on it!!! The signs said this was a private road -WHOOO!! This road is a "public access road" to the national forest and should not be closed by a private party just because he bought some land near the national forest. Contacted the white county law enforcement , national forest officer and the white county news paper and asked the same questions and still waiting for a reply-hope it is positive answer to open the road to access the hiking area or I'll go higher!!

Thu Jul 19 2018

A group from the Lumpkin Coalition and USFS completed a thorough brushing on July 18th, 2018. The trail is in good shape. Still have some erosion issues we are dealing with. Trail is only accessible from Tesnatee Gap, the south trailhead access from US129 via Kellum Valley Rd. is still gated. Go hike it!

Thu Mar 08 2018

This trail appears permanently closed at the south end in March 2018. About 1/3 mile past the old "tollgate" landmark (falling down) on Kellum Valley Road is a locked gate marked Private Property with recently built houses on the other side. Bummer; worked hard to find it. According to previous reviewers it was a beautiful hike six years ago. (Also, it's not in the Cohutta WMA as described in the hike header. The Cohutta is northwest of this hike, and is directly north of Atlanta. )

Sun Feb 21 2016

This is a beautiful trail in the winter, although in the summer it is quite overgrown in many parts . Lovely mountain streams and huge boulders midway. Poorly maintained at the Richard Russell end. Today my husband and I got turned around on this trail about midway up the trail and ran into a dead end of large downed trees. We backtracked a couple times, not wanting to leave the trail. We took an alternative route out with another hiker. Sturdy waterproof boots recommended for this wet and rocky trail.

Mon Sep 21 2015

Surprised to see any other reviewers. This would be a typical AT connector hike with a pretty solid ascent but I'm telling you it is awful. Not the ascent but the whole trail. There is a decent stretch for about the first half to 3/4 miles along a stream, assuming you start from the bottom, but that's really it. It is not used, it is through a lot of uncut brush, and even the ascent leaves much to be desired. No views, but more webs than I can count. Granted it was September, but i honestly can't think of a reason why someone would choose to do this hike other than checking it off. It is by far the most unpleasant connector hike I have done. I started at the AT and hiked down, then up. It is a really hard trail to find at either end, so take the hint and skip it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/JasonHikingPage/

Mon Feb 24 2014

Really interesting trail following only Union Turnpike Road/Logan Turnpike. Trail is rarely used compared to other trails in the area, but definitely worth the hike. First half is moderate and second half is difficult due to the rare upkeep. Creek running down the trail for a lot of it. About half-way up is a rock to rest and a nice little water fall. Hard to get to the trail head unless you have a truck. Worth the trip though!

Tue Apr 16 2013

This trail seems hardly ever used. I used it to hike up Cow Rock Mountain after a big snow storm when the Ricahrd B. Russel Highway was closed. The trail itself is rather overgrown. Not difficult to follow but very isolated with not much to see except some wild boar. However, once I got to Tesnatee Gap the AT up to Cow Rock had almost a foot of snow in some places and made for a fantastic hike!

Thu Nov 15 2012

Logan Turnpike was a beautiful hike, and great for the dog. We started at Kellum Valley (which I probably could never find again). The hiking trail, or at least the beginning of it, runs right in the old roadway. You will see the piles of rocks on either side that define the old road bed. Read up on this trail's colorful history. A great mountain stream with lots of hemlock and other interesting flora runs alongside the trail. There is a small waterfall, maybe a mile in, that is a pretty place to rest for a minute. Due to the tornado that hit this area a few years back, the trail gets rather overgrown as it progresses in elevation. We did not do the entire trail, but I loved it anyway.

Sun Sep 10 2017

Sat Jun 25 2016

Wed Sep 18 2013