Little Tallapoosa Park Trail [CLOSED]

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Carrollton, Georgia

Little Tallapoosa Park Trail is a 4.2 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Carrollton, Georgia that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 4.2 miles Elevation Gain: 154 feet Route Type: Loop

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horseback riding

mountain biking

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This trail is experiencing full or partial closure due to COVID-19. Please see the open trails nearby for alternate hiking options. 7 miles of nature trails and 2 miles of paved trails on the Little Tallapoosa River. The pristine 256-acre tract is bisected by the Little Tallapoosa River and features approximately 7 miles of natural trails for hiking and equestrian use. 2 miles of paved trails.

5 days ago

Its back open

We walked through a few trails that were off the asphalt loop and this is definitely some deep woods hiking without much incline. We enjoyed checking them out, but probably won’t return because trails weren’t really marked, overgrown in parts, muddy in parts, down trees in part. Overall decent place to check out.

mountain biking
off trail
15 days ago

Great riding for mountain bikes on the unpaved trails. I recently built a ramp on the teal trail to get over a fallen tree, it makes a nice touch for hiking and biking (photo uploaded above). Only issues I can find would be the amount of horse poop and roots throughout the unpaved trails. Overall, this place is fun and I enjoy riding here. I plan to try and clean up the unpaved trails and make them smoother/easier for everyone!

1 month ago

Closed due to COVID-19.

8 months ago

Definitely watch out for yourself (safety wise)...especially females.

9 months ago

Peaceful and quiet. Use your map to get a sense of direction on the trail.

10 months ago

Walked a small loop with my 6 year old daughter. We had a great time. Lots of shade, almost the entire trail was paved, definitely will do it again.

Sun May 05 2019

I enjoyed the trail went running on it. It’s pretty good for a beginner and it’s very close to my house so convenient for me to hit it all the time. I noticed that the area is very family friendly and the park has a good amount of amenities to make your stay enjoyable.

Sun Jan 06 2019

I went for a great walk/hike on 12/31/18. I enjoyed the scenery. It was peaceful and quiet. The only thing that I didn't really like was the limited paved paths. It just randomly stops. I went up and down different paths not knowing where I was gonna end up at. I eventually ended up off the paths and out in the woods somewhere. I found the creek and just followed it until I recognized the area I was in. Overall it was a very nice peaceful walk and I would go back again.

Tue Mar 13 2018

Very easy and the trails are horribly marked.

Fri May 26 2017

Little Tallapoosa is one of our favorite places to walk with the dogs. There are lots of paved trails as well as dirt trails. Trails and park are expanding every time we go. Lots of interconnected trails. Great place.

Sun Oct 09 2016

Really pretty area in the fall. The walking trails are nice. For camping, the sites are very close together, and there isn't much to do unless you bring fishing poles. The bathroom/shower/laundry room facility is clean.

Sat Sep 17 2016

trails are nice, pretty secluded and quiet. not used to a fee for day use at a park

Tue May 26 2015

we go here often for day trail running, biking or just a walk with our kids and dog. we love it. it has nice, clean restrooms with showers. the camp sites all have fire pits and electric outlets. no charge for day use. yes the mosquitoes are worse nearer to river and ants. its nature! put on insect repellent and dont stand where the ants are. trails arent marked well but they are colored(blue for wetter route) if you have good direction you cant get lost.

Thu May 07 2015

This is a very quiet park. We camped in their RV section that was completely infested with ants. After they had dinner on us we were able to enjoy the peace. There were RVs on every side of us but seemed to have a 8 pm lights out curfew. We had dinner & tried to check out the trails at dusk and realized there was no directionals so decided to try again after we packed up to leave Sunday. We decided to clean out camp and drive to one of the trails; parked in a parking lot then to the back of the truck to grab our gear & got ate up with ants again. This place is heavily infested & the ants are not happy we're here. We like dirt trails best so we would veer off the paved only to find that it was another feeder trail to the paved trail or a rediculiously winded trail that seemed to lead to no where but a lot of swamp to dodge. Looked great for a four wheeler but not a hiker. Since this park boast the name of the river; we expected nice views of the river but had none. One view is a drop off only showing a distance of 50 ft & another we found by chance wasn't great either, too much growth. Needless to say, they need to exterminate, but up signage & maintain their trails.

Sun Mar 01 2015

Very nice and quiet park. The walking trail is moderately easy and well maintained with plenty of places to sit and enjoy the scenery. Nature trails feed off of the walking trail but are not marked well. Park has very nice camping facilities with reasonable rates.

Thu Jan 29 2015

Paved and dirt trails. Nice elevation changes without being too tricky. The facility is great, but would like to see the trails better marked. We just basically "adventure" when we go. Haven't gotten lost yet! Our dogs adore walking there.

Mon Aug 12 2013

Nice scenery with a good bit of variety (open areas, pond, river, thick wood). Most of the path has a wide-paved path. This time of year, there were far too many mosquitoes, especially the mile or so between the swampy area and the river. We had to jog through there and still came out itching all over. The river is wide, clear and shallow, filled with frogs. We saw deer, squirrels and heard all kinds of birds. This would be an awesome place to hang out and explore for a few days in the spring or fall. One downside, for just a quick hike, it was hard to know where to go. There are paths zigging around everywhere without any signs. The info center was very helpful and provided a map, but the map didn't seem to match the path very closely at all.

3 months ago

3 months ago

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