Glassy Mt. Road to Fire Tower

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Glassy Mt. Road to Fire Tower is a 1.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Clayton, Georgia that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

1.9 miles
521 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly




Glassy Mt. Road to Fire Tower offers scenic 360 degree views from the fire tower at the summit. The road is gated a mile from the summit but is accessible year-round.

22 days ago

Liked this but wish it wasn't just a walk up a gravel road. My kids ages 4 and 8 liked it but the tower steps were a bit scary for the 4 year old. The view at the top was amazing! There is definitely not much parking by the gate.

29 days ago

However extremely short I️t had an incredible view! If you’re looking for an easy but beautiful hike this is the one.

4 months ago

Despite the fact that this hike is up a forest service road and not an actual trail, the scenery is nice and the views from the top are spectacular. Well worth the drive and walk up. There are signs that say the area will be closed to the public if illegal activity continues and that video surveillance is in use. Please behave yourself up there and help preserve use of this area by the public.

Also, there is not ample parking as some have stated. I saw space for 1-2 cars before the gate, not much more. Carpool if you are headed up with a group.

4 months ago

we went for the eclipse and scouted it out the day before. They blocked the road off over a mile before where the trailhead actually starts. This made the hike over double what it normally is so it was way more intense than we were expecting. It was amazing once we got there but didn't make it for the eclipse the next day. Just be cautious if expecting a mile.

5 months ago

Easy with great view from fire tower. Enjoyed it!

6 months ago

Took my family for this hike because it's near our vacation cabin rental in nearby Mountain City, GA. Although Google Maps said it was only about 30 minutes away, it took about 45 minutes because the last few miles require a drive on a single-lane forestry service gravel road (in good repair). So, plan on taking extra time to actually get here.

At the end where the road is gated (and closed) is where you begin your walk to the fire tower. There is room here for several vehicles to park and it's easy to turn-around your vehicle at this point. Just don't park in front of the gate!

Then, just walk up the moderately-sloped, gravel road ascent to the top, where you'll climb the fire tower. Disappointingly, there was a lot of cloud cover and spitting rain when I got to the top of the tower. If the weather is clear or just partly cloudy, this would be a spectacular view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Since you're hiking up a gravel road, it doesn't really feel like hiking to me. I prefer actual trails winding through a forest. At this same starting point, there is another forestry service road, also gated (and closed) to the left (you drive past it as you're about to park). This gravel road is mostly overgrown but still walk-able. It looked like a vehicle had driven on it because the tire paths had crushed the grasses and plants that were growing in the tire path of this gravel road. This gives you more of a nature hike, but it doesn't lead to the fire tower (I think - we only walked it for the first 1.5 miles before turning around and going back to where we parked). In July, there were some blackberries growing, which we picked to make blackberry cobbler back at the cabin. If you walk this less-traveled path, wear pants to avoid getting scratched and look for ticks (five ticks got on our dog). To be clear, this secondary, mostly overgrown gravel road is NOT the way leading to the fire tower.

In sum, if you are satisfied walking on a moderately-sloped gravel road for a mile so you can climb a fire tower and snap photos of the surrounding mountain ranges, then this is pretty easy to get to and doesn't take a lot of effort or time. But if you're wanting to hike through a forest to get to a mountain overlook, I'd suggest the Tennessee Rock Trail in Black Rock Mountain State Park instead.

7 months ago

Short uphill hike to the top AMAZING 360• views the actual fire tower is really neat and historic looking went on a Sunday mid day not a soul on the trail or at the tower. Worth it!

8 months ago

Short, steady uphill walk along a well graded roadbed to the top. Pretty much a "locals only" spot. Fantastic views all around. Tower is still open as long as the vandals don't come back.

1 month ago

6 months ago