Flat Shoal Creek Paddle

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Flat Shoal Creek Paddle is a 5.2 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near West Point, Georgia that features a great forest setting. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and whitewater kayaking.

5.2 miles 118 feet Point to Point


whitewater kayaking



washed out

4 years ago

There's not much a trail here, as this is primarily a route used for kayaking and occasional fishing. A few sections have discernible paths to either side of the creek, but if you're planning to "hike" this, you're going to be wading or floating the creek for most of it. Because of the rocks, it's not particularly easy by either means.

That being said, this is a beautiful track, especially in the Spring. There's a native species of lilly that is unique to this area that blooms all over the creek. If you're out there in the off-season you'll see sections roped off to prevent hikers/kayakers from trampling the lilies while they're not blooming. If you're into fishing this is a great little area to catch shoal bass and other native species on fly or light tackle!