Photos of Fall Creek Waterfall via Tobacco Pouch Road Trail

Distance: 4.4 miles Elevation Gain: 1,236 feet Route Type: Out & Back





17 days ago

Parking was a little weird; there was no map at the trailhead and it was only enough parking space for a few cars. Luckily we were the only ones out there so it wasn’t an issue. We went on the day after two days of flash flooding. So with that being said, it was expected the water levels were high and the ground was pretty water saturated. There were several tree blow downs we had to tactically hop over, but nothing unmanageable. There were around 3 river crossings, two of which were pretty substantial where I ended up having to take my shoes off and walk across. At a waypoint, we had to cross by scooting on a fallen tree. Again, the water levels were exceptionally high. Right before the waterfall, they blocked of the trail with some large sticks on the ground to make sure you go down to the falls, which we missed at first. The waterfall was beautiful and it was a nice trail. We ended up looping around Tobacco Pouch instead of the out and back. It’s a pretty steep incline on the return trip, I’m not sure which trail would have been easier on the return. I would definitely do the trail again, maybe when the water isn’t so high and try the out and back. We hit the fainting goat vineyard around the corner after. Great day.