Broad River Trail

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Broad River Trail is a 7.7 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Toccoa, Georgia that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and nature trips and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 7.7 miles Elevation Gain: 836 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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You can get to it a few ways but in the winter Nancy Town Road is gated so you have to come in from the north or south. In the summer you can go straight from the recreation area.

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over grown
1 month ago

Started off nice being next to the river and then the trail got progressively overgrown. It was very buggy today as well.

over grown
washed out
3 months ago

Definitely would not suggest this trail. Only got .6 miles in and was not able to see the trail anymore with so much over growth!!

7 months ago

I enjoyed this trail. There weren't quite as many river views as I would've liked. The trail doesn't run parallel to the river, it winds in and out of the woods next to it. I agree with other reviews that the trail isn't well maintained (though I've hiked much worse!). Wear pants! I wore shorts and the brush and saplings tore up my legs. There's a good half mile stretch where you're swatting back branches. Despite it's maintenance, however, it's extremely clear where the trail is so it's easy to identify and navigate. To me, the big plus of poorly maintained trails is fewer people! I only saw one couple the entire hike.

8 months ago

10 months ago

Many differing opinions on this trail so I’ll level set on a few things first. This trail is in Lake Russell WMA, not the recreation area. You can get to it a few ways but in the winter Nancy Town rd is gated so you have to come I. From the north or south. In the summer you can go straight from the rec area. It is most certainly not in a residential area, so don’t be confused by that. Both trailheads come out on the same road and are marked. If you are using GPS and a map it isn’t hard to find them. Most trails worth hiking in WMA areas mean you will be taking forest service roads. This trail is no exception. I drive a Jeep because I expect this but the road this one is on is not particularly difficult.. This is my favorite trail in the Lake Russell area. It isn’t manicured, actually needs some maintenance, but just because a trail is a little difficult is not a reason to not like it. This one runs along the broad river and dicks creek, which is also technically broad river. It runs a military ridge most of the time so you are on a soft, sideways ledge. In the winter, when leaves are down, it is a bit slippery and technical. Just be aware. My wife and I took our lab and there were no issues but we were cautious. I wouldn’t take kids in it, but there are lots of trails I wouldn’t take kids on. South to north you finish the last mile along dicks creek and pass a handful of cascades/rapids that are really cool when the water is high. The rest of the trail bends in and out between sluices and fingers with plenty of river views in the winter. It feels really remote, which is probably part because of the down trees and difficult terrain. In the summer this one might be different. The views of the river won’t be as clear and it might get overgrown, making it even more of a challenge. Do it in the fall or winter and enjoy. This came in longer than stated on all trails and a touch longer than the nat geo map. We took the FS road back, which was actually a really nice walk in its own right, and shaved some mileage off at 3.1 additional.

10 months ago

Love it here, great for hiking and some cool driving.

Tue Mar 27 2018

Markings for the trail aren’t all that great, but as it follows a river, not too hard to find your way. Generally a nice, quiet trail. Not too busy or difficult, with some pretty nice views of the river.

Sun Dec 24 2017

Um, trailhead on either end is NOT in a residential area. Take Old Guard Camp Road to the T of 92B, turn left, go less than 1/2 mile - there is a small pull off to your left before you start going up hill. The trailhead is on the opposite side of the road, less than a hundred feet down - easy to drive past but hard to miss when walking. Search Georgia WMAs for the line map. It is a point to point. Honestly, I would start at the end I gave directions - several nice waterfalls/shoals along the river, fairly flat. Then it trail goes across a lot of open areas, which in warmer months can be unpleasant. I would not recommend this trail if you have little ones or are afraid of heights bc there are some very narrow spots with steep drop offs. I have done point to point - not any particularly interesting spots to camp. Popular spot for fishing. Seen quite a few deer. LOTS of trees down since Hurricane Irma in Sept 2017 - I have not hiked it since, but the amount of trees down across the road, I can imagine it would require a lot of clearing. The Sourwood Trail was cleared quickly, but I believe that is bc of the bikers - bring a machete or just be prepared. Can always ask Ranger if trail has been cleared, but the Rangers here I have encountered haven't known much about the trails. This is NOT in Lake Russell National Recreation Area - it is Lake RUSSELL WMA which is next door to LRNRA. It is dirt roads that can get pretty bumpy, especially after a rain. The roads are not "impassable", I do not have a 4wd but drive slowly. I have seen beat-up subcompacts make it without issues.

Thu Sep 07 2017

This trail is very difficult to find as the approach drive is nestled in between residential houses and the drive is a 1 lane impassible and unkempt 3mile long gravel/dirt road. The trail-head is not easily found either unless you're diligent in checking for the Green Arrow blaze on the opposite side of the approach trail and happen upon it. The trail itself is full of uprooted roots, mud, crevices and loose rocks. Trail runners or hiking boots is a definite need if you want to feel secure in your walk.

Sun Sep 03 2017

The road is IMPASSABLE without a 4X4!!! DO NOT attempt to reach the trailhead in a car... TRUCK OR JEEP, dirt bike or 4wheeler ONLY! If you want to park on the gravel road and hike THREE miles to the trailhead you can take a car. I can't comment on the trail because the road is NOT maintained and the trailhead is NOT accessible.

Mon Aug 14 2017

We were all set for a great day hike on a new (to us) trail. The gravel road to the trailhead wasn't THAT bad, lots of ruts and mostly single lane with few areas to pull off for oncoming cars but luckily we didn't meet any cars. There were people parked and camping in a few areas. We weren't sure we were at the right trailhead because when we tried to record our tracks we appeared to be on and off the trail. There was a pull off area where we parked and found a trail marker and a foot bridge so we started there (pretty much coincided with All Trails map). Anyway, the trail was blazed with green metal rectangular markers but was overgrown with grasses, weeds and thorny stems. We pressed on hoping it would get better. We only hiked about half a mile when we came to an extremely steep downhill that was just loose dirt and some pebbles. We decided it wasn't worth the risk of injury to continue on such an overgrown trail. There are too many better trails with views to try instead. I wouldn't recommend this trail until some maintenance is done.

Fri May 12 2017

One of my favorite day hikes for ecological variety, cleanliness, and solitude. Have hiked it at least a half-dozen times; great in any season. In spring there are lots of wildflowers & trees in bloom.

Mon May 01 2017

Good trail. Lightly used and clean. Most of the trail along the river was either high on a bluff or out of sight of the river so it was a bit boring. The section along dick's creek was great though.

Sun Apr 02 2017

Excellent trail - Most of the trail is alongside a stream or river. As of April 2017 it is well marked with yellow rectangles, and well maintained with few trees on the trail. The trail is lightly used.

3 months ago

10 months ago

Sat Jan 27 2018

Mon May 29 2017

Wed Feb 15 2017

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