Bartram Trail

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Bartram Trail is a 71.1 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Clayton, Georgia that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

71.1 miles 16788 feet Out & Back

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Very well kept trail and great place to hike. Plenty of fishing spots and access to the water. Several backpacking campgrounds as well. Fun for a short or long hike. About 2 miles south from the trail head, the Bartram runs into a series of equestrian trails. This gives you lots of different directions to go and makes it a fun to explore.

6 days ago

The Bartram Trail is a nearly 40 mile point-to-point trail located in Rabun County, Georgia that features several waterfalls, Rabun Bald (Georgia's second highest mountain), and several miles of pleasant ridgeline and river views.

My dog and I backpacked this trail over three days and two nights one weekend in mid-March.

First, if anyone says that this trail is easy, they obviously only hiked a short section and did not complete the entire route. Outside of Rabun Bald, the mountains here are not incredibly tall, but there are more than enough ascents and descents over the 40 miles to make this a daunting challenge nonetheless. Do not believe anyone who calls this hike "leisurely."

Water is incredibly scare on this trail, particularly between Warwoman Dell and the Chattooga River. I went a stretch of more than seven miles without finding any springs or streams where I could successfully filter water. These sources may be better during wetter months, but for my trip, it was quite dry.

Highlights on this trail include the fire tower on top of Rabun Bald, Becky Branch Falls and Martin Creek Falls. There's also a spur trail nearby that leads to Dick's Creek Falls, which are particularly impressive and worth the extra mileage.

This is not a trail that you can do in a single day. I'm an avid backpacker and was only able to muster 15 mile days or so, including a few short side trips down spur trails to see extra sights. Plan on carrying more water than you may feel necessary, especially in drier months.

I highly recommend this trail, but it is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to climb and descent more than a dozen mountains, many of which are close to 3,000 feet or more. As this is not one of Georgia's most well-traveled trails, be prepared to climb over quite a bit of fallen debris. There were plenty of fallen trees blocking the trail that I had to traverse.

4 months ago

It was a nice leisure hike - not difficult at all. We did an over-nighter and camped in a clearing near the old farm remnants. Clean water/creek by the old farm.