Trout Creek

MODERATE 2 reviews

Trout Creek is a 5.4 mile out and back trail located near St Augustine, Florida. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for canoeing and whitewater kayaking.

5.4 miles 29 feet Out & Back

kid friendly


whitewater kayaking

2 years ago

I've taken both kayaks and canoes on this creek and it's always such a great paddle. Very slow and enjoyable. I've done this in summer and winter time and it never disappoints me.

4 years ago

This kayak trip was slow and easy! My son and I had a great time, even stopped off at a rope swing and took a dip. We followed the creek as far as we could go, where the only sounds were nature.

You start off at the State Rd 13 bridge. You will pass homes, cabins and docks as you paddle your way up the creek. We saw some turtles, an egret, a hawk, as well as met several friendly fishermen and boaters.