The Yearling Trail is a 5.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Astor, Florida that offers the chance to see wildlife. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 5.5 miles Elevation Gain: 134 feet Route Type: Loop

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2 months ago

Beautiful loop trail with informative historical areas. Highly recommended this loop. Bring bug spray and sunscreen along with plenty of water.

4 months ago

very nice hiking. however, my dog was full of ticks, so be aware. lots of scat along the trail, but no bear sited.

4 months ago

The best way to hike this trail is clockwise. There is a marker at the junction of the 2nd loop, take a left there about 75 to 100 yards is the graveyard. Didn't see any bears but there was tons of evidence that they were around. Would definitely suggest getting there early in the morning for seeing wildlife. Trail is partly sugar sand so try to adjust your footwear accordingly. I don't think any areas of the trail would really get muddy, even after rain.

over grown
5 months ago

4.5 mile hike if you do not go all the way to the Florida Trail. graveyard is cool and my boys loved climbing down into the sink hole. It is easy to lose the trail on the way back in the pine trees. I marked all the waypoints. I forgot to turn off the track and drove off a bit.

5 months ago

Nice flat trail highlighting Florida scrub terrain. Easy to follow. Saw lots of bear scat but no bears.

5 months ago

Man that's some wild FL. Now I want to read the yearling.

Sat Feb 02 2019

Nice trail, a little hard to follow at times. Sink hole and cattle dip are worth seeing, but otherwise a Florida Scrub habitat walk. Will definitely be checking for ticks when we get home.

recorded The Yearling Trail

Sat Jan 26 2019

We enjoyed the changes in scenery as we hiked. Our dog enjoyed it too.

Tue Nov 20 2018

Definitely a beautiful trail. More so towards the last mile I got a bit lost the markers are pretty spaced out and the trail was really grown over so it was hard to tell hard to tell if I was on it or not. Other than that the history was amazing.

Thu Oct 18 2018

I’ve done this trail maybe three or four times now. I never get tired of it. Complete solitude.

Fri Jun 29 2018

Just watch the ticks, Lyme disease is possible.

Thu Apr 19 2018

Good trail but hard pass around loop,

Thu Mar 15 2018

Great day hike out to the spring. Planning a weekend stay around the spring loop soon.

Sun Feb 25 2018

Disappointed to drive 3 hours to hike this trail, only to find it closed due to Bear Activity. Oh well, plenty of other beautiful trails in the forest

Thu Feb 08 2018

Blazes were poorly marked and very few and far between.

Thu Jan 04 2018

We were only able to do about 2 miles on this trail and had to turn back. we had our dogs with us and they kept getting small thorns in their paws that were very painful. Not a good trail for dogs, unless they have feet protection.

Mon Dec 11 2017

Good trail to ease into the forest. Flat, palmettos, trees. Saw a deer when went off path. But, easy trail, no real points of interest. Good nature.

Mon Nov 06 2017

Solid trail. Nothing particularly mind-blowing to see but the sink hole is cool. This was a good way to kill a couple hours outside on a nice day, but don't expect to be wow'ed.

Sun Oct 01 2017

Been on this trail multiple times and it never ceases to amaze!

Tue Aug 15 2017

Wish it was better maintained!

Thu Jul 27 2017

The nature was beautiful the history was awesome. The only complaint I think we had the whole trip was the lack of maintained trail makers and the sign and map on the way in we're so faded you could not read them.

Wed Mar 08 2017

Enjoyed this hike and all the historical points of interest along the way! I wish I had read the book The Yearling first.

Sat Jan 14 2017

I loved this walk mid-January, but would never recommend when the temperature isn't cool. The cemetery and sinkhole are cool gems. Lots of history. You will get some sun.

Tue Oct 18 2016

Great reward with the sinkhole and cemetery but not kid-friendly with poorly maintained trails and SO many sand spurs. Hiked with an adventurous 5 year old but wouldn't recommend it to parents. Beautiful forest and plant life.

Wed Sep 07 2016

trails for everyone

Mon Aug 08 2016

Amazing hike, a lot of history

Sun Feb 07 2016

This trail isn't located in Eustis, FL.

Wed May 27 2015

Beautiful trail. Love the history behind it and the sites such as the cemetery and the sinkhole.

Fri Aug 30 2013

Oh no! This is actually a super cool trail with several historical sites to view. However, it's located in the Ocala National forest off of 19 and not Eustis as the map indicates.

4 days ago

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