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Lake Louisa Nature Trail is a 6.2 mile out and back trail located near Clermont, Florida that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 6.2 miles Elevation Gain: 150 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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wild flowers

From Hwy 27 turn in at Park entrance and pay fee ($5.00 per car when we went). Maps available there. Follow road until it forks. Take right hand fork. Follow until you dead end in parking area.

6 days ago

11 days ago

Very well kept trail with few people on it. Clearly marked and was great for the whole family.

5 months ago

Parked at Bear Lake and started the hike across the road. Follow the map, numbered trails, some shade and open areas, occasional wooden bridges, good scenery, saw a young deer. The trails closer to the ranger station have more sugar sand and open to the sun. Did see the ears of a family of boars in the field!

8 months ago

Well maintained trail with clear signage. Lots of variety. Some sand. Some tree litter. Some soil. Some pine straw. Saw lots of birds and butterflies. Many rewarding views, including the lake at the end of this hike with decent bathrooms. Read a few reviews about sun exposure. That’s maybe 1/10 of trail. Plenty of tree cover on most of trail. Once away from ranger station for the first mile there are lots of trees. We did a couple alternate routes and was rewarded over and over. Get map at ranger station. It’s $5 to get in.

off trail
9 months ago

10 months ago

Beautiful trails at this state park, I would love to hike it again, I'd love to backpack it and camp there sometime.

no shade
11 months ago

hardly any shade, very tough for a dog companion

Mon Jun 24 2019

this trail isnt real. takes you into direct wilderness. be careful

Sat Mar 30 2019

Great trail, clear path. Saw some great birds.

Sun Mar 03 2019

Wonderful trail well-maintained, rare trail with hills, not common in Florida. great views. plenty of parking, costs a little to get in.

Sat Feb 09 2019

I looped through the equestrian trails to get 10 miles in. Easy hike. Saw a woodpecker, deer, butterflies, wildflowers, lakes and creeks. The variety kept it interesting :)

Mon Jan 14 2019

Good hike when it’s cooler. Turned this into a large loop, but my phone died on the last mile and a half. Lots of birds and some white tailed deer. Most of the southern trails are designed for horseback; wide grassy trail, little to no shade, and not much to look at for scenery. In the trees and around the lakes is a different story; plenty of gorgeous views.

Fri Oct 12 2018

Well maintained , excellent place for an easy hike.

Wed Aug 08 2018

We actually loved hiking here and did a 10 mile hike with our dog. Very well marked trails. I would say make sure to bring plenty of water for you and your pet since there are no areas for clean water. There was a lot of wildlife here and the views were very beautiful for a central FL trail. Avoid the equestrian trails if you aren't on horseback, there's little to no shade and it's a very long stretch before any trailheads. Trails are wet to dry so be sure to come prepared. Also if you bring your dog make sure to get a tick preventive!

Tue Jul 24 2018

Multiple trails in this park, but be prepared to share with horses, and trek through soft sugar sand. quite the workout.

Tue Jul 03 2018

Close to the city & a great mini-hike; get away with the Lake Front

Tue Jun 05 2018

Very nice place for hiking.

Tue Feb 27 2018

Part two. They aren’t kidding about the Sands. Makes walking interesting! Seems like a cool park and I’ll be back.

Tue Feb 27 2018

First time at this park. It would appear there are a lot of different trails. This one I had to go a mile in before I saw Pines but they were very pretty

Sun Feb 18 2018

Lovely park. Trails were wide, flat, and easy to run on. Sand can get rather annoying after awhile! Bring water as I ran 11 miles and never found water but I did find mandarin orange trees

Sat Feb 17 2018

We hiked this trail today and had a great time. It was very peaceful, saw a couple of hikers from far , not too much traffic. The oaks and pines were beautiful. Sighted two deers . The trail was very sandy and a gave a decent work out. Good for beginners.

Sun Jul 09 2017

Multiple trails. Great experience!

Mon Jul 03 2017

Great trail, we'll marked. Great for beginners. Make sure you bring plenty of water and start early.

Sat Jun 03 2017

Boring flat terrain and sooo hot. The only thing that saved the trip was the wildlife I spotted

Mon May 08 2017

We started at the #24 marker trail parking lot not hwy 27. The trailhead couldn't be found from the lot (it was down the road around overgrown brush). We blazed our own trail using our map going NNE and eventually found the trail paint markers and posts within 5 minutes. It was worn well and easy to follow. My dog liked it and there was no water with gators to get him on this section. The are some fitness equipment stations. If you aren't coming from the highway then you skip the elevation changes and will be hiking completely flat land. There was a limestone patch the kids liked.

Tue Apr 04 2017

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road biking
Thu May 19 2016

I went for the first time yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I came across a few turtles. I rode my bike on the road for awhile then came across the nature trail. It was shaded and peaceful to bike. I will be coming back to explore more of the park. What I did see, I highly enjoyed.

horseback riding
Tue Mar 01 2016

I did a12 mile hike and really enjoyed it. The part through the area that was burned was particularly interesting, seeing how the natural environment is coming back. Missed altitude changes however.

Fri Jan 01 2016

Nice. Peaceful.

Tue Nov 17 2015

Was a nice hike not a lot of people and even less after you get to the south western and west side area of the park

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