Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve Trail

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Fourmile Cove Eco Park

Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve Trail is a 1.7 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Cape Coral, Florida that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 1.7 miles Elevation Gain: 3 feet Route Type: Loop

kid friendly


nature trips


bird watching



wild flowers


no dogs

A winding boardwalk through spreading mangroves along the river. The winding boardwalk gives you the best view of the spreading mangroves and a chance to view some of the natural life that lives along the river. For adventurers there is canoe and kayak rental to allow you to get closer to nature.The park contains 365 acres of red, black and white mangroves along with large open areas of marshlands. There are 5000 ft. of shoreline on the Caloosahatchee River and small tidal streams meander into the interior. Wildlife that may be seen include various herons and egrets, otters, raccoons, woodpeckers, and migratory birds. Infrequent visitors include alligators, osprey, anhingas, cormorants, white ibis and ducks. The tidal creeks are home to many small fish and the young of our game fish species, which take shelter in the mangroves and marshes to escape predators and find food. In this way saltwater wetlands are vitally important in acting as nurseries for our fish and shellfish.

Beautiful! The mangroves provide shade throughout the trail. There’s a few spots to peek out at the river. I saw a few snakes and a lot of spiders. Cool little trail!

1 month ago

closed currently during covid 19

3 months ago

this was the first trip the preserves in florida with my dog kona. it was a nice little board walk and great pictures can be took here too. I'd visit again .

easy walk

Nice quick trail

Fun little trail!

6 months ago

Not 4 miles. Why it’s named this is a great question. It’s maybe less than .25.

Easy trail board walk type.

Trail was nice—we didn’t see very much wildlife, just one osprey. Probably the time of day we were here. :)

Good hike. Boardwalk was in good condition. The mangrove trees keep it fairly shady. Not too exciting, but a nice walk in the afternoon.

Sun Apr 14 2019

Not dog friendly, pretty long so prepare accordingly. Dead end at one of the trails.

Sun Jan 13 2019

It’s a beautiful and nicely shaded. Easy walk just to get out for a bit. I would recommend to visitors.

Sun Jan 06 2019

Fun stroll on a boardwalk. Great for families. It gets busy in the winter and loud. I like it better in the slower months.

Sun Dec 09 2018

We all enjoyed it! Very tranquil walk

Sun Jul 22 2018

Nice peaceful trail.

Wed Jun 27 2018

I've been going to this part for over 14 years even when I was pregnant with my two kids it's a beautiful peaceful walk through a shady mango Trail with plenty of seating areas yes during the winter it is a lot more Scenic with flowers and growth due to Florida blooms during the winter yes the summer days are hot but there is a lot of shade on the trails if you don't want to walk the trail you can always rent a kayak that is right there and they will give you info to go through the whole Four Mile Cove it is a bit of a challenge due to that one part you get to this secret hidden Trail and you drag your kayaks I believe 800 feet its not much really not and it can take you all the way out to the river you also pass what we call the bird sanctuaries that our house like platforms on the water you can have lunch chill out have fun with the kids. go fishing and if you stay long enough you will eventually see the wildlife in emerge I've seen dolphin otters raccoons end of countless Birds and of course the Florida Gators Bountiful of fish in the area I have two beautiful girls and they absolutely love going on these trails with me and kayaking but we also can't forget the great monument that was dedicated to our freedom and a nice sweet history and dedicated names of our standing Heroes I heard you to actually taken all what you can yes come prepared with bug spray if need be during summer months but definitely a wonderful place to go

Sun May 06 2018

Tons of mosquitos make sure you come prepared but it is a beautiful walk, lots to see.

Tue Feb 20 2018

It was nice to try once.

Sat Oct 21 2017

Nice boardwalk... just a note. No Jogging allowed. Fairly well traveled, pleasant walk.

Sun Jul 16 2017

Boardwalk through mangroves.Not much to see until at the piers that over look the river

Sat May 27 2017

The only thought that came to mind during my walk was "one can really breathe out here"

Fri Sep 09 2016

Not much to see. Maybe in the winter time there will be more animals. They do need to clean up some of the trash that comes in.

Sat Jul 02 2016

It is a nice trail. It was a hot day today but there was plenty of shade from the trees. Definitely worth coming here again.

nature trips
Mon May 30 2016

Took a walk on Memorial Day morning, just after sunrise. I must have been the first one into the Preserve area, took advantage of a quiet walk. Being new in Florida, it's wonderful to be able to learn and visualize factors of the local ecosystem by visiting in parks and preserves such as this one.

Thu Nov 27 2014

Decent hike through the mangroves on a man made path. Did this on Thanksgiving morning when it was cool. Wouldn't want to do it in the dead of summer with the standing water and all the mosquitoes. Had a couple of piers built to walk out into the inlets on the river.

Mon Nov 11 2013

Easy and fun trail to walk along a boardwalk. Some nature but beautiful views of the river as well. Lots of shade and benches along the walk. Lots of site marks with information mainly about the trees but also some wildlife.

Tue Apr 09 2013

great hike along a wonderful boardwalk. clearer trail marking would helped. hiked with my 83 year old mom and she was able to navigate with problem. thanks for appropriately placed benches and good interpretive signage.

nature trips
Fri Jun 08 2012

very peaceful.

Fri Jan 27 2012

Outstanding boardwalk through mangroves.

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