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Photos of Banningwood Red Loop

Distance: 1.3 miles Elevation Gain: 167 feet Route Type: Loop

kid friendly


nature trips




9 months ago

Took the red trail. Very short but really very lovely trail! The trail is extremely well-marked with red plastic tags nailed to trees. It is quite hilly, with a lot of ups and downs packed into that 1.3 miles. This park is unique, in that it surrounds a parcel of private land in the center. The house itself is only visible from a portion of the trail. There is a new bench set out where the trail meets Roaring Brook, so you can sit and enjoy this beautiful, little bit of running water. And Parker's Perch is a new platform, with built-in bench at the top of the trail that has a gorgeous view of the mountains (okay, hills!) surrounding. There even looks to be a new camping area, complete with picnic tables, fire pit, tent platform and firewood storage. A second trail on the property, the yellow trail, runs along Roaring Brook from the camping area. Can't wait to come back!