Womens Forest Trail 375

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Womens Forest Trail 375 is a 5.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Divide, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and horses and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 5.1 miles Elevation Gain: 324 feet Route Type: Loop

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Quiet mountain trail. Free roam cattle in the summer. Elk roam. Very private. Great views of Pikes Peak.

off trail
1 month ago

Many parts of the trail were nice, but in some places it was almost impossible to find the trail with all the snow. I'm thinking the AllTrails map is wrong for this one because trying to follow it got me totally stuck and off the trail.

2 months ago

this was a lovely place to see the fall leaves changing. we only passed 3 other groups of hikers, very peaceful trail. This loop was difficult to follow. We accidentally got off the trail a couple times because game and cattle trails were more clearly demarcated than the hiking trail. take a map or download them from the app.

no shade
2 months ago

A beautiful place in the fall. The breeze and cooler temps were nice since most of the trail is out in the hot Colorado sun. The trail is VERY difficult to follow and most of the time we spent guessing which trail to take and where the trail went at all. A good adventure and a nice spot to see the changing leaves with the dog.

2 months ago

Please download your map before going the trail is not marked well. It was a beautiful hike and enjoyed the changing colors.

2 months ago

My dogs loved this trail! It’s easy terrain. However there are a lot of trails off the main trail, can be pretty confusing! The leaves were changing colors. I went during the day and it got very hot, definitely a morning hike.

2 months ago

Love this hike - easy trail, nice views, not too busy (yet). A bit of fall color is showing up now. 4 stars for today instead of 5 only because there seemed to be hunters scoping out the place and some people were wearing hunter orange vests, etc., - didn't expect that, and not sure how safe this trail may be (in the part where the cattle aren't) if people are hunting in it soon? Is it legal to hunt here? If not, there are a lot of poachers scoping it out. If so, I wish it would be marked on a sign near the entrance when that might be happening just for safety/awareness.

4 months ago

Only the road is depicted on the map, but we were directed left to a narrow trail immediately by a pleasant woman with two dogs. That took us on a meadow trail that eventually intersected the road; there were tons of short wildflowers. We walked the fence line above the road for a while, then spotted a trail on the left just beyond two big rocks and the sign that say no DMV access. This trail started with a log bridge and led us up through Aspen groves and a property boundary. We descended and eventually back to the meadow trail we started on. We encountered one bull.

5 months ago

Very easy, low-key trail. Extremely well maintained and very pretty views of meadows and rolling foothills. There are a lot of wildflowers in the summer. Just a heads up that you have to go through some cattle gates to get through the trails, which is no big deal just be aware. Great trail overall for an easy morning walk. However, it was a clear day and I couldn't see Pikes Peak at all.

6 months ago

Nice gently hilly forest walk, with some open meadows along the way. Will be beautiful in fall, for aspen colors.

7 months ago

We can’t wait to do this in autumn. So many Aspens! Lots of path options so have an idea of where you would like to head and for how long do you do not get on a bigger loop.

7 months ago

quiet and close to my home. not crowded with many options for a quick stroll or a moderate hike

8 months ago

Great quiet trail. Although if you’re hiking for the view it’s weather permitting.

9 months ago

Sun Oct 14 2018

There may not be a ton of drop dead views or challenging hikes but this place offers miles of easy hiking. You can see Pikes Peak and other mountains (further back on the property) The aspen groves mixed in with the pine are gorgeous. Great for fall foliage pics and in winter this place will be awesome for snow shoeing. Enjoy!

Wed Aug 29 2018

Great trails to hike. Very safe.

Sun Aug 26 2018

The trail wound through beautiful Aspen groves and Meadows of wild flowers. At one point we took a wrong turn and got lost, but found d the right trail again pretty quickly. We will definitely be back!

Sun Jul 15 2018

Very pretty scenery, smell of pine! Easy trail hike, but difficult to navigate as many offshoots, unless you have the app or compass.

Fri Jun 22 2018

Beautiful views! Very family friendly!

mountain biking
Sat Jun 09 2018

I really like this trail system for a quick bike ride. Scenic, not populated, close to home and several options to jazz up the ride.

Fri Jun 01 2018

Beautiful meandering hike through meadows and pastures. The trail is a bit confusing at times, bit the app helped keep us on track. The view of Pikes Peak is spectacular and the trees are lovely.

Mon May 07 2018

Very pretty hike. Evelyn Rodriguez you can have your dogs off leash.

Sat Apr 28 2018

I really enjoyed walking with my husband.

Sat Mar 17 2018

my favorite morning hike

Wed Oct 18 2017

great for everyone did 5 miles on horseback very safe

Tue Sep 05 2017

does anyone know if dogs can be off leash??

Mon Mar 20 2017

Nice easy trail, but partially closed off so couldn't make the loop.

Thu Feb 09 2017

Lovely, fairly easy, gem of a trail! Open and easy to navigate, even in the snowy months, this trail was a wonderful option for us to bring the pups and new baby along. Plenty of pines, aspens, and rolling fields to enjoy. We're grateful for the use of this trail close to home!

Mon Jan 30 2017

It was a great quicker day hike trail. Most dogs were off leash and it was widely accepted. The trail is nice and wide so it's a good spot for more social hiking. The description says it's about 6 miles of a loop, but my devices only clocked me in at about 3 miles but I must have missed a turn to do the full loop.

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