16.6 miles
3310 feet
Point to Point

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mountain biking

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15 days ago

This review is for the hiking trail.

The directions in a previous report are accurate. Take Pool Table Road 600 from CO 149 about halfway between Creede and South Fork. At the end of the road is a parking lot, bathrooms and a small campground. From their to the bench with the best views of the Wheeler Geologic Area is 7.9 miles per a GPS watch. We decided to mountain bike the first two miles to save time and walking until we got to the wilderness area where no biking is allowed - at the stream crossing. There were a ton of down trees in this first two miles which made biking pretty tough. Had to carry it over probably 30 downed dead trees killed by the pine beetles. So because of all the dead trees in the area I don’t expect this to get any better for the next 60 years or so. After you get to the parking area for Wheeler - you’ll meet up with the Jeep road about a mile before getting there - it’s another 0.9 miles to the actual Wheeler site. You’ll follow a path that will come to a sigh where you can go straight or left to Wheeler. We went straight first which takes you to the bottom with some cool formations and perspectives but it dead ends in about a half mile. We backtracked to the left hand turn and that takes you to the bench with the awesome views of Wheeler. Very unique and worth the almost 16 mile round trip. Biking the first two miles in saves some time and effort but with the downed trees it’s probably a wash. Round trip was about 8 hours.