Weston Pass and Ruby Lake OHV Trail

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Weston Pass and Ruby Lake OHV Trail is a 1.7 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Fairplay, Colorado that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for off road driving and is best used from June until October.

Distance: 1.7 miles Elevation Gain: 951 feet Route Type: Point to Point

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ohv/off road driving
5 months ago

Beautiful in fall! We love it. The Park county side is easy. The Lake county side at the top is a bit sketchy for a sedan but a Subaru will make it fine. After the descent the roads smooths back out and is just a gorgeous drive!

scenic driving
Thu Aug 16 2018

even though this is a road i would rate it moderate, just based on how rough the rocks are in the road on one side of the pass. if you go up the leadville side its a nice and windy dirt road with great views and some neat camping spots. however... once you approach the top and on the east section after the pass its a rocky road from hell. i was aired down to 18lbs on 33's and it was still miserable. unavoidable softball sized rocks jutting out of the road everywhere and the occasional sneaky series of potholes and washboards. just the perfect amount of bumpy to force you to go slow on what would otherwise be a 10/15 mph road.

ohv/off road driving
Mon Sep 04 2017

Easy trail and a good views

ohv/off road driving
Sun Jul 23 2017

An amazing day, with amazing views. Dropping down into Leadville for lunch was a huge bonus.

ohv/off road driving
Wed Sep 28 2016

Beautiful drive, especially in the fall. tons of aspens on the Fairplay side. Nothing requiring very high clearance.

Sun Jul 31 2016

Fun trip - easy enough for beginners as long as you are aware and don't mind backing up when you meet a vehicle. A bit rocky in places but overall in pretty good shape. Drove a Jeep Willys edition and never needed 4wd.

ohv/off road driving
Tue Jul 14 2015

My Subaru Forester made it!! Take it very slow on West side!

ohv/off road driving
Sun Mar 23 2014

Scenic road over the Mosquito Range from south of Fairplay,to the south of Leadville. Also a good place to take fall aspens.

ohv/off road driving
Wed Aug 15 2012

A light trail that is great for beginners and light SUV's, Not as much dispersed camping as I expected but some below the pass. There are great views on both sides of the past as well as at the pass. at one point just past the pass on the west side there is a 4x4 trail that goes up to an old gold mine, this is a bit more challenging trail that requires a little more expertise and high clearance.

ohv/off road driving
Sat Jun 16 2012

We drove this trail in a Toyota FJ. As the guidebook says, the east side did not require 4 wheel drive but the west side was a little rougher although easy by off-road standards. We really enjoyed this drive as the road follows water most of the way. There were numerous beaver damns and some great mountain views. The primitive campground toward the beginning of trail looked very nice right along the river. We would definitely drive this road again and consider camping somewhere along the way.

ohv/off road driving
Thu Sep 20 2018

ohv/off road driving
Wed Aug 29 2018

ohv/off road driving
Sat Sep 16 2017