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Three Peaks Loop via Gold Camp Road and Captain Jacks Trail

North Cheyenne Cañon Park

Three Peaks Loop via Gold Camp Road and Captain Jacks Trail is a 10.9 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Colorado Springs, Colorado that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 10.9 miles Elevation Gain: 2,614 feet Route Type: Loop

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The parking lots and front-range trails were incredibly crowded today (weekday, but spring break) - so the 3 Peaks Trail was a great choice to get away from the crowds! The north facing trails are still covered in snow and ice, but I did fine in my trail runners (even tho I carried micro-spikes with me). I also brought bear spray and my inReach device; no cell service on these trails. I would highly recommend this trail for any hikers (2- or 4-legged) looking to get away from the crowds.

Beautiful hike. The last peak gives an amazing view!

7 months ago

Great trail with 3 awesome peaks!! I did 11.18 miles in 4:45 hrs!! I went a little extra due to missing some turns.

9 months ago

Super gorgeous hike that has a little of everything. Bicyclists and dirt bikes were out in full force but they were courteous and I was aware. Clockwise was best, get the steepest incline out of the way. Got off trail or missed turns a couple times but checked my map and corrected.

11 months ago

NO snow or ice on this route as of 5/4/19! What an absolutely fantastic loop. Beautiful views for most of it, and a lovely creek to walk beside for a portion. We went clockwise and I'm so glad we did, for a couple reasons. After the first easy mile, it's pretty steep - it was nice to get the most difficult section done first, plus I can't imagine going downhill for certain parts of 662. However, going clockwise means you are only beside the water for the first section - something to consider if you think you'll need to filter water for your bottles. My husband and I each had two 24-oz bottles (some of which we shared with our dog) and they were completely gone by the time we got back to our car. The summits are NOT well marked! Buckhorn is the most obvious (just keep going until you get to the giant boulders) but the other two were not at all. If you are doing the Mays Peak section going clockwise, be sure to look at the AllTrails map at the point where it turns sharply back south off of 667/Captain Jacks Trail!!! You WILL miss it otherwise. There's absolutely nothing to indicate that there's a second trail branching off, it doesn't even look like a deer trail. We went a full half mile out of our way before we realized our mistake. Walked back and forth for several minutes at the supposed branching off point, completely baffled as to where we were supposed to go. Just trust the red line, it'll get you there! The summit to Kineo is equally as confusing. Just before the map, there's a small post indicating no campfires/camping, in front of a fallen tree (as of 5/5/19). If you look beyond that tree, you'll see the path. It seems to end when you reach the rocky part, but keep going! Scramble up the boulders (there's really no clear path up there, so be careful) and you're there. Don't get discouraged, it's the best view of the three and absolutely worth it. The trail was a little "slippery" in parts because of all the loose gravel, but nothing unmanageable. We hiked with our dog, and all of the bikers/dirt bikers we passed were friendly. Not crowded at all, which surprised me because the parking lot when we got back down around 2pm was a madhouse. All in all, a fantastic trail, definitely one of my favorites. Just make sure you're consulting the app during the turn-offs (ESPECIALLY the aforementioned Mays Peak sharp turn off 667 going clockwise, it's really the most baffling thing I've ever seen) and bring plenty of water!

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Sat Oct 06 2018

Amazing trail. DO NOT mountain bike up Seven Bridges. You’ll end up carrying your bike to the top. However, the downhill does make it all worth it.

Tue Jul 10 2018

This loop takes you near the summits of three peaks in the area (Kineo Mountain, Mount Buckhorn, Mays Peak) so why not bag 'em? With over 2600 feet of elevation gain over 10+ miles, the route would be classified as moderate-to-difficult; however, the tread is good over the whole route--including the unmarked and uncharted routes to each summit. The steepest parts are the route to the saddle below Kineo and the last couple hundred yards to the top of Mays. 667 is a bit chewed up from motorcycles and the route from 665 up Mays is a bit washed out, but both are very manageable. My favorite part of this hike was from the saddle beneath Kineo's summit where the trees opened up to spectacular views. Unfortunately, none of my photographs from there turned out for some reason.

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