Sundance Mountain Trail is a 3 mile loop trail located near Estes Park, Colorado that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

3.0 miles
583 feet



no dogs

Directions from Estes Park: Follow Hwy 36 west through the Beaver Meadows Entrance Station to Hwy 34,Trail Ridge Road. Follow Trail Ridge Road west to the trailhead between the Forest Canyon Overlook and Rock Cut.

4 months ago

We were looking for a short hike to squeeze into our last afternoon in Estes Park. We had already done some hiking from the Bear Lake parking area, so we decided to look for something more remote. We chose Sundance Mountain despite the lack of written reviews. We headed up to Sundance Mountain about 2:30pm and got there a little after 3pm. The drive up there is a little scary but beautiful. Be advised that there is no clear starting point. We drove past the trail area and had to use the All Trails map GPS to trace our way back. We pulled off to the side of the road and just starting hiking up. There is no defined trail. Instead, it’s a wide-open mountain tundra with grass/rocks. We picked our way up to the top and continued to follow the “trail” via the map. We were totally unprepared for the high altitude. It was 75 degrees in Estes Park but only about 55 degrees on the mountain and very windy. The hike was not too hard and had amazing views. However, you can see the road from pretty much the whole hike which is a bummer.

5 months ago

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