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washed out

4 days ago

Hard not to give this 5 stars as it's a really nice area. We chose to hike up the road section on the way up and the trail on the way back. The road is definitely not car friendly, but I almost think a stout 2 wheel drive truck could get up to at least the cutoff to Crystal Lake, but a 4 wheel drive will go up this no problem and 3 guys were parked all the way to the end at the Spruce Creek reservoir area. The road is definitely 4 x 4 for the last stretch though. Ugly!. Anyway, hiking up the road part in the a.m. was still nice and shady for the most part. It was 1.2 miles to the Crystal Lake cutoff and a few vehicles were parked here. Shortly after this spot is a road that bears right and that would be the loop part of this description. We opted to stay on the main road instead. Then at 1.6 miles there was another place one could park and start walking, and beyond this point the road becomes pretty ugly. We decided to go on to the lower and upper Mohawk Lakes once we got there too. The lower lake has a lot of trails breaking off all over, but they all wind up at the lake. Lower Mohawk lake is really shallow, and a good spot to take a break. Then the trail to the upper lake is more defined. Mind you, several people were getting turned around here and taking a trail that beared right, and that's not the one. Once you get on the right trail the lake is not far at all. Maybe a half mile. When you are on the final approach to the upper lake you are in for a surprise. It is literally a negative edge lake!!! Your eyes are level with the lake as you take the last few steps up to it. Really cool!! This is a much deeper lake than the lower, and we could see trout swimming along the edges. I wet a line but they weren't havin it :) Very nice spot and from here you can hike even higher to the lakes that lie above. We turned around and headed back and took the trail on the way down. We encountered some mountain goats one our walk back too. Always neat to see some wildlife. My Garmin read 6.4 total for this hike. I must add that this is the first time I have ever seen mosquitoes anywhere I have hiked in Colorado. I was beginning to think they didn't have any. Not bad, but there were a few. Busy trail for sure, lots of people out here today.