1.9 miles
285 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly

nature trips


trail running




4 months ago

Very close to town...the trailhead is in the Southeastern corner of the parking lot next to the Stephen C. West Ice Arena.

We chose the South Illinois High trail, and made a few mistakes staying close to the noise of the ice rink before getting out of town. There wasn't much snow on 12/22 but we had a ton of fun anyways. The trail eventually finds its way out in the quiet woods where we saw only a few people.

After two miles of rolling hills we hit some switchbacks taking us to a small clearing with some nice homes nearby and continued through to a moderate elevation climb to a small frozen lake. A gentleman with his dogs told us if we continued further we would hit Spruce Valley.

We turned around after about two hours out and made it back to the car more quickly for a total roundtrip of 3.5 hours. It was a great day - we were sweaty and hungry for burgers.

I should note, we passed the Southside Trail at some point which appears to be another nice out and back...