South Cheyenne Canyon & 7 Falls

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South Cheyenne Canyon & 7 Falls is a 3.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Colorado Springs, Colorado that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 3.8 miles Elevation Gain: 872 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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NOTE: there is a fee to enter

You will come to an entrance for Seven Falls which is owned by the Broadmoor. They charge $15.5/pp to continue the hike to the falls. NO THANK YOU!!!

7 months ago

We enjoyed hiking this trail. However, the 2 drawbacks were that the first mile is partially trail and partial road inside the park. Once you get to the stairs and get to the top it was amazing.The second bad part is the fee, $15 per adult. This is expensive for what I got out of the money. The trail at the top is beautiful. The moderate level is more for the incline on the stairs and the hike to the top. My device said just over 1000 feet of elevation.

Sun Dec 30 2018

Had the pleasure of zip-lining through the canyon and hiking the remainder to the falls.

Sun Aug 26 2018

Beautiful trek! Not a fan of coming down the stairs. Next time I’m definitely getting on the zip line!

Sat May 26 2018

Its very beautiful would definitely go again if in Colorado Springs

Tue May 08 2018

Twin Canyons, sacred to native peoples for millenia, and now one, South Cheyenne Canyon, has long been privatized: first by Texas magnates and now by the Broadmoor. I think it's travesty to have it be a paid-admission destination. I live close by and simply ride by the gates almost daily; I should not have to pay to get in and hike, commune there.

Tue May 01 2018

It's beautiful, but its not clear here that you have to pay to get in. We ended up paying $14.50 per person after we started the hike which led us to the entrance of Seven Falls where you had to pay to get in. After you get up all the stairs the rest of the hike is very beautiful and worth it.

Sat Sep 30 2017

Beautiful walk up to ... I'm sure the 224 steps looked out to beauty but I'm terrified of heights and kept my head down the whole time and I still did it and did it with my 7 month old baby on my back.,Super terrifying .. only complaint the steps are not wide enough for people to safely go up and down side by side. just seemed very very dangerous. The trail at the top was very easy hike.

Tue Aug 15 2017

Park at the Broadmoor then ride a shuttle to the entrance (both free). $14 per adult to get in. Walk .8 mile up an asphalt road and you get to the 224 step staircase. Once at the top follow man made trails for about a half hour and turn around. Cheesy gift shops.. this isn't a hike. However, scenery was nice and a mama bear with her cubs about 30 feet off the asphalt road.

Thu Aug 03 2017

A dizzying climb but exciting at the top.

Mon Jul 24 2017

So apparently you are supposed to park at the broadmoor hotel and pay 14$ to ride a shuttle to get to 7 falls.

Sun Jul 16 2017

Once again, very surprised to see that no one has written in about this place. I've gone in here many times, and it's always a pleasure. It's well worth the drive in here, and the hike up the 224 steep steps to the top of the falls are a must. Spring time is best to see the falls at their peak flow. It has been dubbed "The grandest mile of scenery" in Colorado. There is one section while driving up the canyon that is only 41 feet apart from one wall to the other. Super narrow and super high canyon walls too, around 900 feet high right there. The falls are also lit up at night for a completely different experience. A must do if you're in Colorado Springs

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