Saint Vrain Mountain Trail

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Saint Vrain Mountain Trail is a 8.2 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Allenspark, Colorado that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

8.2 miles
3,238 feet
Out & Back

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Take Highway 7 to Allenspark and take the Business Loop 7 (which goes through the middle of town) to find CR107. The sign for CR107 is hard to see coming from the south because it's in some trees. Take CR107 as it winds through the neighborhood for about 1.5 miles and it will turn into Forrest Road 116. Follow 116 for about 1/2 mile more and it will split into two (116.1 and 116.2) keep to the right. There is a sign indicating it's the St Vrain trailhead parking. Parking is small and limited. Don't take a big vehicle if you can avoid it, a dually truck will be a big problem on that road.

21 minutes ago

Views from the top were amazing and there was only one other person at the summit on an August Sunday! Would rate this as difficult for sure and would definitely agree that you need to read other trip reports so you know the best way to get to the trailhead and how to get to the top of the mountain. The cairn located at 3.6 miles are a good start, going around the trees seems like whatever works for you, but once past the trees there is a faint trail and it worked well for me to follow the NPS fence posts.

14 days ago

Great hike and climb. Steeper and more talus than it looks. We basically just passed all the trees on the right side of the trail then headed up the ridge. About 2/3rds way up or so the rocks get very big and can be bypassed by sliding to the right a bit.

On the way down the social trail looks like it will take you on a shortcut through the trees, but it basically dies out at the trees and you need to snake back to the right a bit.

VERY windy but a great view. Thanks to all who contributed to the windbreak on the peak!

23 days ago

The drive is nice, seeing Alan’s Park, the road to the taikhead had some potholes but our Impreza got up there fine. The stream was beautiful. It was lush and had amazing wildflowers along the whole trail. We did 3 miles up and turned around. The constant downhill coming back is a little rough on the knees. Side note; There’s a spot to camp at the trailhead just in case. I kept a lookout for backpacking spots but there didn’t seem any flat terrain on the hike really.

29 days ago

Did this today. 4AM start. Empty parking lot. Nice clear morning. Saw just a few people. Interesting perspective of Longs and Meeker.

1 month ago

This map doesn't actually bring you to the summit, even though it sort of looks like it should.. At around 3.6 miles, there are a few cairns to your right (west). You have to pay attention because the St. Vrain Mountain Trail continues another few miles down to Buchanan Pass trail. Go right at the cairn to reach the summit. There's no maintained trail to the summit, but there is a social trail and it's well-marked by cairns and national park boundary poles. On a Saturday in August, we saw a grand total of

2 months ago

Beautiful hike. I got to the TH at 6:30am and it was full. Trail is snow free for most part. Tractions are helpful for the last part of the summit.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike through aspen groves and alpine forests with several creek crossings and a summit above tree line to take in a view of RMNP and the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Waterproof boots are a must, as many portions of the trail are active creeks at the moment, and enough patches of melting snow still exist for crossing. The wind picks up at the saddle as you crest above tree line, so be sure to pack extra layers for the final summit (which is still a large snowfield). Meadow Mountain is also accessible from this saddle if you want to opt for a shorter summit. There is only room for 8ish cars at the trailhead, which has no facilities btw, so please be courteous when parking alongside the road. Managed to get a Prius to the TH if that helps anyone with road condition guesses.

2 months ago

Lots of runoff and patches of snow on the trail right now, but my dog and I easily made it up to Indian Peaks Wilderness. Past that, the snow gets pretty deep and too soft to tread. We'll be back this summer to finish, beautiful views!

2 months ago

Tried to reach the top yesterday (May 23, 2018), got to about 2.2 miles on the alltrails map and couldn't make it past the snow pack, kept falling through snow and the trail goes missing under snow for portions. Lots of melting snow up there now so the trail should be visible all the way in a few weeks if the sunny days keep up. Great views from where i got stopped (about 10,500 ft)

8 months ago

Awesome hike. Pack of snow and ice for most of the trail. Need to use micro-spikes all the way up until above treeline. No snow at top but very windy,a few more layers will help. The trail is on moose territory, there are 3 of them, Watch out for that. All day, met only 2 groups of hikers.

11 months ago

Do not follow the "Getting There" directions! The map of the trailhead is correct, but the directions will get you to the Middle Saint Vrain Trail, which is a different trail.

Having said that, this was a great hike and pretty tough if you are going all the way up the mountain. The designated trail will not get you there, but there are instructions on how to get to the unmarked trail available elsewhere on the internet which are very helpful. Just things to consider before going

11 months ago

Blue and I hiked this trail today! We had the whole mountain to ourselves. This trail would be great for someone transitioning from an easy hike.

Monday, January 09, 2017

My husband and I went snowshoeing for the first time on this trail. The snowy conditions made parking kind of a pain, but the area was fun and definitely gives you that snowy Rocky Mountain feel. We walked a total of 3.6 miles on this trail (to and fro) and saw amazing sights despite the very deep snow and windy/snowy conditions. We also came across a moose and her calf!

mountain biking
Friday, December 02, 2016


I have a question concerning this trail and the connecting trails around it.
I'm attempting to plan a trip that connects Longs Peak to Waterton Canyon in Denver in order to mountain bike from Longs to Waterton Canyon and then the remainder of the Colorado Trail. I mainly just want to begin by summiting Longs Peak then hopping on the bike and heading down highway 7 until I'm out of RMNP and beginning a link of trails and gravel roads until I reach the Colorado Trail trailhead in Denver.
Is mountain biking allowed in this area? I'm from Oklahoma so I apologize for sounding uneducated about all of the regulations regarding mountain biking in certain areas in Colorado. I've been doing some research and have found that some people have mountain bikes some trails in this area, but I haven't found very conclusive answers on many of the trails.
If anyone would please help me out I'd really appreciate the help!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Snowy conditions on entire trail, was trudging through ankle to knee deep snow all the way up to the boulder field. Crampons recommended. Incredible views of neighboring peaks and Longs. East side hike so you're well protected from wind until reaching the ridge. Last 1/4-1/2 mile of road to trailhead parking lot had ~1' snow, 4WD recommended if you plan to park at trailhead.

Friday, October 07, 2016

One of my favorite hikes yet. You hike through a bunch of aspen to start, and then the views above treeline are absolutely amazing. Great 360 view at the top of St vrain. Plenty of room to roam and explore at the base of the mountain. I highly recommend

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Just amazing! Hiked while the aspens were changing color and 10/10 would hike again.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Beautiful hike through fall aspens. Stunning views once you break the tree line. My dog had the time of her life

Monday, June 27, 2016

The trail head is not hard to find and a 2wd vehicle can certainly make it up there no problem. Steady incline until you reach St. Vrain, then there is no trail and it becomes all boulders. It is kindof a scramble to get up the mountain and there is not really a trail. Just go up! Took us 5 hrs total, but we went slow and took breaks. Great views of Longs and other beautiful mountains. Not a heavily populated trail.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Great hike or ski. You straddle the line between the southern RMNP boundary and the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Terrific views, do not forget the camera!

Monday, September 07, 2015

Awesome hike. Use Chris Barkers review for directions and it is easy to find trailhead. Mileage to top of St. Vrain is 9 miles out and back based on GPS. Trail is rocky, hence RMNP!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beautiful trail up a mountain stream. We only went in @ 2 miles, just past the where the stream ends. Mostly uphill (at least the part we were on). This stands of Aspens which were quite stunning. And the stream had many beautiful resting areas with moss covered rocks under a thick forest of pine.

Saw a few people, but definitely an more remote trail.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Great hike! Beautiful view, easy enough for an afternoon. Even in late June, lots of snow.

Monday, July 07, 2014

The trail is a little hard to find. It's not in the middle of town. You go through town to get to the trail head.

The directions are wrong. You take Highway 7 to Allenspark and take the Business Loop 7 (which goes through the middle of town) to find CR107. The sign for CR107 is hard to see coming from the south because it's in some tree's.

Take CR107 as it winds through the neighborhood for about 1.5 miles and it will turn into Forrest Road 116. Follow 116 for about 1/2 mile more and it will split into two (116.1 and 116.2) keep to the right. There is a sign indicating it's the St Vrain trailhead parking. Parking is small and limited. Don't take a big-assed vehicle if you can avoid it. A dually truck will be a big problem on that road.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

This is complete bullshit. Do not attempt to go here. It is the middle of town. Whoever put this on here is a complete moron. This app really needs an editor.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

It was a simple hike. Not much to it. Camping was simple enough. Trail is more of a day hike than an over night but there was plenty of wild life and some water.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Great hike. This hike didn't feel overly difficult to me, I suppose it got this rating due to the elevation gain. The first 1/3 or so seemed the hardest from a cardio / low oxygen standpoint then it gets easier. Trail was pretty rocky throughout.

I had intended to go to Meadow Mountain, accessible from this trail, but my directions were a bit vague and I never saw an obvious spot to veer onto another trail. I kept on the St Vrain trail past the "wildlife permit required / entering RMNP" sign and followed it out a ways to the peak of something, not quite sure what but it was spectacular.

I finished this hike in 4.5 hours RT, which included a leisurely lunch and lots of photo stops. I'm in pretty good shape, by no means an athlete. Went over July 4 weekend - 1st half of hike saw hardly anyone, saw maybe 15-20 hikers after a couple of hours on the trail. As I approached Meadow Mountain, there was still snow crossing the actual trail - kind of fun for July.

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