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off road driving
9 months ago

This road is also County Road 31. With another route option on County Road 31a further up the road. When you come to the CR 31a sign stay left on CR31. This way will take you to Yankee Girl mine and then you can continue from there. A little further past Yankee Girl there are other mines and the road turns right into a switch back and looks kind of steep. Sometimes a little messy with some mud. This in the only semi difficult section of the whole road. But it's not that bad and worth it so just go for it. Any good 4x4 or suv can get past. Then continue down the road to remains of Red Mountain Town. You can see what is left of the old jail house and after that the National Bella Mine. At the intersection at Red Mountain Town you can go straight for a shorter route that goes back out to the hwy or turn left. I recommend left for more scenery and adventure. Once you go left and over the hill turn right and finding the rest of the way is easy. There are other mines and history to check out on the other side roads. For example by turning on Guston road before you get to Yankee Girl you can go hike to American Girl mine or hike to the old turn table which is where the trains would turn around. Both are worth it. I hope this helps you and that you can enjoy this place like I have.