Quandary Peak Trail

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Quandary Peak Trail is a 6.2 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Breckenridge, Colorado that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

6.2 miles
3336 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash




ice climbing

mountain biking

nature trips

rock climbing




trail running


cross country skiing





wild flowers




Quandary's east ridge route gets very crowded on summer weekends.

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4 days ago

It was very windy today hiking and the second half was pretty slick. You will probably want some YakTrax or something like it on the hike.

7 days ago

Agree with Ellen. Starts with a lovely hike in the trees with some snow and ice. Above the treeline, still ok since a west wind is blocked by the mountain. We turned back at the saddle due to the impressive winds. We had enough layers to keep warm but force of the wind was too much. **Found a camera at 13000 ft. If it is yours, check the 14ers.com lost and found forum.**

7 days ago

Fantastic trail. Hiked it on 10/7/17 and 90% of people did not summit due to the high winds. Wind was killer along the flat ridge, once you get past that the trail edge protects you from the wind a little. The summit had extremely high winds and was very very cold, couldn't stay up there too long. Absolutely would recommend having cramp ons and winter gear. There was snow along the entire trail and 5 feet on some areas with the steep incline. Having the right equipment is necessary this time of year.

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14 days ago

Awesome trail..
took our dogs to the trail . My only advise is to think twice if you want to bring your dog, it's a very steep drop and climbing down with them could be dangerous, also at one point the trail gets really rocky and their feet could catch between the rocks.
Overall amazing views .. worth the hike up

15 days ago

We arrived around 5:00 AM & started in the dark - very much worth it. The sunrise began just as we passed the tree line.
The last mile or so has a crazy elevation gain, so be sure to take it easy. Beautiful hike, amazing views, pretty hard.

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19 days ago

My wife and I completely loved this. You want the trail to be hard... Don't kid yourself. This trail is doable and it is a bit hard.... But how good will that first sip of cold beer or wine taste as you cheers your first (or second) 14'er!

Commit to it. The first 1.5 miles is butter. The second 2miles to the summit will make it worth it. Plus you see Mountain Goats!

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22 days ago

Attempted Quandary today. Emphasis on attempted. Started around 7:30 am in pretty steady snow fall. Overnight snowfall made the trail a bit slick in spots. Nothing we couldn't handle. The wind...well, that was another story. Made my 170 lbs seem quite a bit like a rag doll. Called it a day about 1,000 from the summit. The views at that elevation were definitely worth the fight with old man winter. Disappointed, yes - more importantly, got back down all in one piece...despite thinking otherwise a couple of times. Quandary, we will be back for you. Probably in a bit better shape and hopefully on a much less windy day.
P.S. Posted my ninja hiking partner, while the smile was still there.

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23 days ago

Beautiful. Tough at the top. View was worth it.

23 days ago

My first 14'er.

24 days ago

Who said this one is easiest 14er??? The wind knocked me over twice!! It was extremely hard. The wind was crazy!!!! I loved it!!!! SMALL trailhead. The trail was sorta hard to find in the dark. My hiking partner thought she saw a bear???? I didn't. The storm came in fast. Sleet rain and it was awesome!!!!!!!! Bierstadt was easier

28 days ago

Absolutely loved it! Gradual hike at first then gets steep fast. What a great workout! Make sure you hit the trail early so you can reach the summit by noon otherwise you get caught in storms(we got hit with hail shortly after noon). Getting down from the summit I think was the most difficult because we had slick rocks from the rain and it really does a number on your knees and ankles. Definitely recommend for a challenge!