Pikes Peak from the Crags Trail

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Pikes Peak from the Crags Trail is a 12.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Divide, Colorado that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until November. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

12.8 miles
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CRAGS AREA UPDATE - June 20, 2017 Visitors will continue to notice significant changes in the drainage over the next few years as more and more spruce trees succumb to the natural succession from the beetle infestation. Additional Forest Health Projects, including timber removal, will necessitate future closures in the Crags area beginning in the fall of 2017 for public safety The shortest free hiking route up Pikes Peak From the parking lot you will see the sign for the Crags trailhead. Begin hiking down this trail. After a tenth of a mile you will see a sign on the right labeling trail 664A take this trail across a log bridge and begin your ascent. This trail will take you into a basin at the base of the peak, then it will aggressively gain elevation up to Devil's Playground. As you reach Devil's Playground the rest of the route to the summit comes into view. The ridge is a long and gradual hike. As you hike the ridge you must cross the Pikes Peak Tollway and stay on the Northeast side of the road. The road is regularly patrolled and you will be fined if caught hiking on it. The last bit of trail to the summit is a steep rocky section. Keep your eyes open for cairns that mark the trail. If you stay on the trial this section isn't bad, but if you lose the trail you're in for some tough rock scrambling. At the summit rest in the summit house and return the way you came.

3 days ago

Fun trail. Once you are out of the tree line it is pretty steep. There are many beautiful views and a beautiful steam you follow much of the way.

4 days ago

Great trail. Pretty easy to follow. Appropriately marked as hard.

5 days ago

6 days ago

This trail has many diverse features and vistas. Planners did a good job of creating a buffer from the road as you get near the top. Traffic on the trail was light which made for a better hike. Final ascent includes lots of large boulders. Treats on top!

10 days ago

Good trail, easy to follow. At and above tree line maximum exposure to weather. One flaw, last 1/2 mile 600 ft of elevation= extreme brutality if exposed to weather. Trail is marked by monikers and switchback through sharp boulder field/ shale to summit. Pikes peak highway is a major temptation at this point.

12 days ago

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17 days ago

Great Hike! Toughest part was from Timberline to Devil's Playground. There's a creek that runs next to the trail all the way up just past the timberline. Worked great on the way back down to refill my camelback (with filter).

18 days ago

This was my first 14er and I'm from the flatlands of Kansas.
Great trail, easy to follow and well planned. Bring A Lot of water and be prepared for the hardest section from just above tree line to the Devils Playground.

18 days ago

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23 days ago

This trail was a lot harder than expected and longer, but my daughter and I made it in 5 hours. Not that impressed with the donuts at the top...started storming on us on the way down, got hailed on, FUN!, but that really sped us up.

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27 days ago

1 month ago

It's a difficult climb for a mildly inexperienced hiker, but the views are incredible! I would recommend going up early in the morning so that you can be back beneath the tree line before the afternoon thunderstorms.

1 month ago

It loses points for being beside the road at parts and having a parking lot at the top (as opposed to the amazing remoteness of most other 14ers) but gets points for amazing views frequently along the trail. Really enjoyed this one.

1 month ago

We did this trail on 7-12-17. Perfect weather the whole way up. Took us(flatlanders) 6 hrs to climb to th top.. We found a kind old couple that brought us back down the road to were the trail meets the road. Wasn't about to hike down those rocks at the top. Was faster going down obviously but our knees were shot by the time we got down.. Still worth the hike and the pain we endured! Lots of water n Gatorade recommended. We stopped a lot to rest n take pics..

1 month ago

great hike on sunday 7/9/2017. got an early start at 5:30 but crags lot was a little full even at that point. was a little surprised to see the number of people still heading up as we worked our way back down. weather cooperated but i would say be mindful of what the storms are doing that day. it's heavily trafficked but devil's playground can have a lot of electrical activity. the downhill back is very rough on the knees. poles are highly recommended.

1 month ago

1 month ago