3.4 miles
390 feet

dogs on leash

kid friendly


trail running

1 month ago

Gorgeous day for a hike. No thunderstorm in the forecast, we started out the Mule Deer trail about 4pm after getting the new annual pass at the visitor center. We thought that it was the 3.4 mile out and back trail as said in the description (actually it says "loop trail.") After 1.7 miles, all the sudden the Alltrail map expanded and indicated that the Mule Deer trail would continue further more. And then a family informed us that they would try to go to Frazer Point, which is about 1 mile away. So we decided to go to the Frazer point. The trail was so beautiful thanks to the weather. Cool breeze, vivid green, bright blue sky, aspens, rocky mountains - just perfect. And the story about John Frazer on the post was very interesting as well. There was one continuous ascending point, but before that and after that were relatively flat. Glad to make it to the Frazer Point.
How can you make the loop trail connecting three different trails?