Mount Shavano and Tabeguache Peak

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Mount Shavano and Tabeguache Peak is a 9.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Nathrop, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from July until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

9.8 miles
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19 days ago

Ok the review below mine says you boulder to the top of Tabeguache... NOT true. Do not be discouraged as there is NO bouldering on this route. The most difficult hiking is class 2 and the route up Tab is scrambling at MOST.

This was a beautiful trail, not too difficult for bagging two peaks. The most challenging part is planning for weather. I saw SO many people on their way down Shavano and over to Tab as I was descending and it was thundering and raining. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE THE SECOND PEAK IF ITS STORMY. I spoke with someone at the bottom who descended 30 min after me and was almost struck by lightening on the top of Shavano. Be smart people, please!!!!

1 month ago

Be prepared to make three summits on this trip- shavanno, tabagueche, and then shag again. Bring plenty of snacks and water. No real good trail to the summit for Tab, but it’s easiest to just boulder straight up! My Apple Watch tracked this entire route at 14 miles from the parking lot.

1 month ago

This was such a gorgeous hike! These were my 12th and 13th fourteeners. The hike up Shavano was well defined and relatively easy. However, there was no well defined trail that lead over to Tabeguache but it was easy to see where you needed to go. There’s also a lot of loose rock on Tabeguache so be careful on that one. The hike up it was short but strenuous and the only way to return is back over Shavano which was hard. If you plan on doing Tabeguache, make sure the weather looks good and be prepared to summit a total of 3 times since you’ll hit Shavano twice. Tracker logged 10.6 miles and the elevation gain is over 5000 for both so plan on getting your workout on if you summit both!

2 months ago

Great hike. Relatively easy trail. Storms rolled in by the time we topped Shavano so didn't reach Tabeguache. The crossover to Tabeguache looked like a very rocky descent. Only realistic return is back over Shavano.

3 months ago

Challenging and beautiful. Our trackers logged about 12 miles and we summited both peaks. Took us about 9.5hrs with 30min stops at the summits. Bring more water than normal. 1.75-2L per person. The footing on this trail is not great throughout and you will lose a lot of efficiency because of this.

3 months ago

This is amazing but hard trail. It took me 8 hours (ok my excuse is I live in NJ and I am not used to this altitude). Someone wrote earlier the first part was rocky and up and up. I thought Yeah Yeah... but I stay corrected. It’s hard! But the views are amazing, wildflowers and in full bloom (tiny alpine forget-me-nots are everywhere), you could spot longhorns and wild goats too. Tabeguache Peak looked intimidating from Mt Shavano and I considered to give up. But I was surprised how quickly I got to the top. There are multiple trails from the saddle but they all finish in a snow patch, so I just hopped through the boulders and rocks all the way up. However the trail map is not really correct on Angel of Shavano spot. It should be corrected.

3 months ago

Did both Shavano and Tabeguache in 8.5 hours. It took us 3.5 to get up to Shavano but scrambling down to the saddle took some time since there’s a lot of boulder hopping. The hike up Tabeguache was short but strenuous and hiking back up Shavano to come back down was a total pain. Bagging both peaks is worth it, just be mentally prepared to summit a total of 3 times. One of the prettiest 14ers I’ve done.

3 months ago

8 months ago

Pretty tough and cold day. Microspikes were required.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

difficult if your not acclimated to the altitude. lots of uphill hiking. wear good shoes

Monday, September 04, 2017

Gorgeous trail. As other reviewers have noted, do be prepared to work for it. This trail took most of the day. The terrain can be loose, so wear something with good traction. A couple of compatriots and I managed fine in our chacos, but other hikers thought us a bit mad. I would recommend bringing more water than you think you will need; I brought only a 3L camelbak and rather wished I had just a little more. The last ascent to the summit is tough, but worth it. Lots of little mousetrail options heading up to it. Take breaks as often as you need, and you will make it just fine. No snow anywhere on or near the trails near the end of Summer. Also worth noting: You will hit Mt. Shavano's summit first. From there, you can opt to jump over to Mt. Tabeguache's peak if you like. I would hazard a guess that it adds approximately 2 miles and 1 1/2 - 2 hrs to your round trip. shows Mt. Shavano alone to be ~9.25 mi roundtrip and ~11.25 including a foray to Mt. Tabeguache.

Monday, August 28, 2017

You can't beat the view from the top, but you'll have to work for it. In July/August you should be on the trail by 6:30 in the morning in order to make the summit and get down below the tree line before the afternoon thunderstorms.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Brutal first 1.5 miles. Up and up. Very easy to follow.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I did this hike yesterday and it was very beautiful. The lack (or little amount) of switchbacks is not bad going up. However going down can makes it a little difficult. The trail is gravel so be careful when descending. Having good shoes with ankle support would help a lot (however mine did not and my friend wore nikes so it is possible without)! There were marmots and mountain goats which were fun to see!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Being a seasoned hiker when it comes to 14ers, my boyfriend and I found this trail pretty challenging. it was essentially up the whole way, no switchback just straight up. it wad a very beautiful hike, but it was akin to doing the manitou incline 10 times then a mad scramble at the top. not sure what happened, but my fit bit tracked it as a 13 mile hike round trip, and we didnt even get to mt tabagauche!

plenty of campsites on the road up to the trailhead. my prius made the road, although there were some questionable areas.

all in all - bring double the water because i truly believe this mt was one of the harder ones. we met someone who has hiked 50 14ers and he agreed! but dont let it scare you away, just be prepared to get your sweat on!

Monday, July 03, 2017

How long does it take to get up to the peak and back down?

Monday, June 19, 2017

6.19.17 Left the parking lot at 6 AM and had a good round trip to Shavano. Saw Pika, Marmots, friendly humans and lots of nice alpine wildflowers. There were a couple snowfields to cross going to Shavano (don't let the first one you encounter discourage you) Did not use crampons. Saved Tabeguache for the next time since the path looked a bit snowy for my gear but saw other climbers heading on that way.

Friday, June 09, 2017

6.8.17. After a lovely first half mile, the next mile gets TOUGH. Straight up with very little relief, hiking on beds of rock. Admittedly, I am in the worst shape of my adult life due to an injury, but I would've found this challenging when I was in great shape. After that, there are moments of reprieve via switchbacks and some softer terrain. We knew we probably wouldn't be able to summit since we weren't equipped for blankets of snow. The snow was slippery. We made it about 2.5 miles & had to turn around.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

very beautiful trail with a lot of Aspen and wild flowers at the base, going up thru the forest, pretty gradual ascend for a 14er, but the final part has some steep incline. we did this first weekend of June 2017, still some snow but spikes are enough, no need for snowshoes if you're just doing Shavano.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Friday, July 31, 2015

This is a tough hike for those that are starting out... it is up up up the whole way with some particularly difficult grade the .25 mile before the saddle and the last 400 feet to the top. However, the views are beautiful!

First .25 miles is flat, next 2.5 are gradual incline and once you break the tree line you are exposed and increasing elevation quickly. Start the hike as early as you need to in order to be down from the summit by noon. You don't want to get caught in an afternoon storm. When I want there was an early morning (9am) storm that turned several people back down the mountain. Keep an eye out for storms as they can form very quickly... they often form below the summit and with in a matter of minutes you can be caught in a lightning storm on top. But as long as you are careful and watch the forecast, you'll be fine.

off road driving
Monday, June 30, 2014

This was a very long trip, but so worth it. We saw campers, hikers, and a lot of off roaders. We drove up to the North Fork Reservoir which was an amazing view. Small brooks coming from the lake. Snow still on the ground in places. We even saw people on a canoe on the small lake. We then went back and drove up to Billings Lake. Amazing. A small natural lake in a valley surrounded by mountains. Up on one ridge there looks to be a cave with a rock front. We drove up to that and walked to the cave. The front is marked 1880 Pride of the West. Other off roaders told us it was a hotel in the 1800s to the mining community. We were able to step inside and take pictures. Well worth an afternoon of site seeing.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Friday, August 30, 2013

This was a tough, but good climb. The road to the TH is rough, but very passable with almost any car when dry. Most of the trail below the trees is easy enough to follow. Watch for deliberately cut tree fall. Out of the tree line and up to the saddle, the trail was great - but steep near the saddle. The last climb to the Shavano summit was steep indeed. Pay attention to boot marks and cairns, an it's possible to follow the "trail" all the way to the top. Beware of small switchbacks. The summit is rocky but spacious enough. You are basically on your own over to Tabeguache. The trail is very patchy and overall pathetic. The ascent to Tabeguache is just a matter of scrambling and watching for loose rock. Coming back is long, and summed up with false summits. I counted about 7 from the Tabeguache summit, so I was anticipating it. Some of the false summits looked very real on approach. Coming down, the trail to the saddle for the last part was hard to follow and I ultimately lost it. It was fine because the loose scree was fun to come down - and fast. I climbed on a Thursday, and there weren't many other climbers at all - compared to some like Yale. I would certainly recommend this climb, but this is no walk in the park, and wouldn't recommend this as a first 14er. Yale, or Elbert would be better break-ins. This is significantly harder then Yale, but a similar principle. And don't leave Shavano if the weather is bad. It's a long mile over and additional one back.

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