Mount Herman Trail

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Mount Herman Trail is a 2.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Monument, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

2.2 miles
898 feet
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Monument Colorado's Topological Highpoint Monument, CO, is about 10 miles north of Colorado Springs, straddling I-25 today as it straddled the Rio Grande Railroad when it was founded in 1872. As Pike's Peak dominates the skyline west of Colorado Springs, Mt Herman rises majestically from the plain on which Monument rests. For those who like their mountains accessible and their hikes manageable, even by out of town visitors, Mt Herman is the place to go. The trek described here is about 2 miles round trip, during which the hiker will gain and lose about 1000 feet in elevation. The top of the mountain, from which Pike's Peak is visible to the southwest and Kansas City to the east (on a very clear day!), is only about 9100 feet high; so there is enough oxygen to enjoy the time one spends contemplating whichever scene is most captivating.

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7/17/17: I went in on the back side.... coming in from the parking lot. when the trail splits I kept to left. passed what looked like an old cabin maybe someone set up some die ed logs for a shelter. then just passed that was a tee pee. the trail curves to the right and head up hill to the left. at the top is a bigger TEE Pee. the trail then splits again. I kept to the left and eventually was at the bottom. went through and overgrown trail came to a split and kept to the left this is where it starts off a bit steep. but trail is still evident. eventually it gets super boulderie and steep. very sketchy cause some spot are drop offs. you make it to one view point where you get a great view of Palmer Lake. head further up to the very top there will be a camp fire spot and the view is panoramic. the whole way up i would get dizzy if I looked to the right because of the height and I thought what the neck did I get myself Into . but there were no regrets. Just a little up and over the side of the mountain to the paragliding spot and follow the stacked rocks down back to the parking lot . I made a nice little 3 mile loop according to my GPS. I feel like it may have been more because of signal loss but not sure. I started at 11:30am took my time and returned back at 2pm. If you want to see pictures I did upload some of what I took.

6 days ago

Favorite local hike to date! Absolutely recommend!

7 days ago

Moderate is a subjective term. I enjoyed the heck out of this trail. My wife came up short at the last climb. But if you take it slow, you can make it. It is a bit more climbing than Seven Bridges. But the views! Phenomenal! Use the app to take you right to the parking spot. Rough road the last 3 miles but well worth it.

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Great hike with amazing views at the top and at a few points along the way. The drive to the trail head is also pretty, but I don't recommend a sports car on that dirt road!

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I went last weekend and it was definitely worth going the extra distance for the true summit - awesome views!

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Great hike, we had 4 adults and kids not in the best of shape and everyone made it to the clearing below the summit. Trail was difficult to find so two of us scaled up to see a flag that turned out to be shirt on a warning pole and then located the actual summit flag to sign the book. Very good view from the top.

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Steep but rewarding.

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It was quite, it felt like wildlife all around you. After climbing the trail like 2 miles or something I saw something in the bushes like 50 yards away it was gray and big I only caught the glance of the legs moving slowly I did not have a bear spray so I just walked back to my car in very fast steps :-)

26 days ago

The trail head was marked but after that it was difficult to determine the real trail. after several tries, we got back on the trail. the flowers and scenery was awesome. Then we lost the trail again to the peak and got stuck rock climbing. Still never made it to the flag at top.

27 days ago

Super fun!! If you choose the part of the tail to go to the top it's a very high incline! Though I will definitely do this hike again:)))

29 days ago

Such an amazing trail! We absolutely loved it! Make sure you make it to the true summit (where the flag is). Explore that whole mountain top! So many sites to be seen!

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