Photos of Mill Castle Trail to Lowline Trail Loop

Distance: 22.5 miles Elevation Gain: 5,554 feet Route Type: Loop






wild flowers


horseback riding
off trail
18 days ago

Rode this trail clockwise on horseback. We took 3 horses (including a pack horse) and 4 dogs. The fall colors and views were incredible. Definitely a trail I would do again but NOT on horseback. It is too technical and quite frankly dangerous. In many places it was a struggle for the horses to scramble up steep and loose rock with no room for error, otherwise they would fall off a cliff. Also the forest service hasn't clear all of the downfall, so lots of negiotating around logs that are too tall to jump over. Not trying to be too negative but if you're a horse person I'm just warning you not to do it, but if you do anyways make sure it's in the fall and dry. We never would have made it in the spring or summer because of wet and slick conditions. Trail markings are nonexistent on Lowline. Once you come out to a marked trail intersection that says Mill Creek and Squirrel Creek, go on Squirrel Creek in about a mile you will go through a gate, the trail is faint but continue straight and cross a creek. The trail at this point goes in several directions. Bear right - southwest, go across the meadow and start climbing and you will once again get on a defined trail to finish out the Lowline Trail back to the trailhead.

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