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Meadow Creek Trail

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Meadow Creek Trail is a 8.4 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Frisco, Colorado that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 8.4 miles Elevation Gain: 2,286 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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2 months ago

Nice hike for out-of-towners who are not acclimated to higher elevations yet. It is a semi-busy trail on weekends though, but not overly. Bring hiking shoes.

3 months ago

Trail was open..& easy to hike...your in the forest for majority of the hike .. then opens up to very scenic and beautiful views... I’ll definitely hike this trail again... Quickly became one of my favs..

4 months ago

I would recommend this trail for hiking and occasional jogging. 2 creek passes were a bit sketchy. Trail continues up to a pass at -2k feet. Trail allows 12 miles plus. Beautiful views!

4 months ago

We had a great time making our way up to the pass. Walk the extra half hour for magnificent views. All trees have been cleared from the trail. We went quickly and were up and back in 4:30.

5 months ago

We usually take the trail to Lilly Pond Lake, but decided to take the trail to Meadow creek instead. We’ve never been on this trail and hiked about 2 miles in. There were tons of down trees that blocked the trail for the first .5+ miles. We had to climb over, under and around to keep going. Muddy in spots but it’s hiking and you can get around it pretty easily.

5 months ago

Beautiful trail. wish I could have finished. I'm not exactly sure how far I got, seemed like around 4 miles in (I'm guessing it was close to where you meet up with the Gore Range Trail), when I got to a stream crossing that was just too wide and fast moving to feel comfortable. I spoke to someone who had been a bit further and said they had to turn around due to drifts of snow on the trail. Disappointing, but I bet this is AMAZING when you can go all the way to the top of Eccles Pass.

5 months ago

First mile has downed trees, at 2.5 miles we were in hip-deep snow and hadn’t brought our snowshoes So today was only a 5 mile round trip.

Sat Oct 13 2018

Beautiful hike! I hiked in a considerable amount of snow; about 4-6 inches around mile 2 and increasing to a foot or more around mile 3.5-4! The trail through the snow stopped short of the pass and I didn't have the gear to break new snow trail, so didn't make it to the pass. The highway noise fades away after the first mile and then it was silent!

Mon Sep 24 2018

Beautiful hike! Lots of wildlife Spring and Fall. Lovely views. Definitely go for Eccles worth it!

Mon Sep 18 2017

The 8-mile out and back is okay. I highly recommend going an extra 1.5 miles to the top of Eccles Pass which makes this an 11-mile out and back hike. The first 2.5 miles is fairly steep and rocky. The trail flattens out near the tree line and makes a moderate ascent to Eccles Pass. The extra 3 miles round trip is worth the view - don't stop at the end of this trail!

Mon Jul 24 2017

Beautiful the whole way - aspens, creek, wildflowers. A mix of compact forests to open views and green fields. Nice hike to Lilly Pad lake too.

Sun Jul 09 2017

Nice, easy hike, a little more crowded than I'd like.

Sun Jul 02 2017

Nice morning hike.

Mon Jun 19 2017

Very pretty and pretty easy,will do again if passing through but rather long drive on a Sunday for a short hike....but it wasn't crowded and lots of pretty views

Mon Nov 07 2016

Was up here yesterday, 11/6/2016. It snowed gently off and on all day, but was not too cold and easily passable without snow shoes. Beautiful hike, stunning views.

Fri Oct 21 2016

Go up to Eccles pass. My gps told me it was 10.8 miles RT but It's worth it for the views! One of the prettiest hikes I've ever done. Completed it August 14, 2016 and it was perfect wildflower season

Wed Sep 21 2016

Aspens are incredible right now!!!! So yellow and vibrant. Get up there!!

Wed Aug 10 2016

I'm going to blame the weather for the three star review. We got rained and fogged out on the hike, didn't make it to the pass. Will try again another day!

Sun Aug 07 2016

Consistent climb, great aspens in the beginning, good post 14er hike with visitors

Sun Jul 31 2016


Thu Jul 28 2016

Didn't get to get too far up the trail due to time constraints, but the few miles I did were gorgeous. Just to put a friendly warning out there for dog owners, as the wild flowers are blooming (and beautiful) on this trail, I did come across a few large patches of water hemlock and purple monkshood which can be fatal for dogs if they eat them. While walking this trail be sure to keep an eye on your pups! I uploaded a photo to the gallery of these flowers for your reference :)

Wed Jul 20 2016

Beautiful hike! Very scenic!

Sun Jun 05 2016

I wish I had read Curt's review before I went! Same thing happens to us to much snow right now to follow the trail to the top. There were two spots with spectacular views of the lake/mountains we did get before that point at least.

Sat Jun 04 2016

My wife, son, son's girlfriend and I hiked up to the 10,800 elevation yesterday (June 2, 2016) until the trail was too difficult to navigate due to the snow. We did maneuver around the snow for about a third of a mile and then decided to head back down and visit Lily Pad Lake. There, my son and I made the most of our visit and took a plunge into the lake. The day was perfect in every way and there was not too much mud to deal with before hitting the snow. We hiked a total of 7.73 miles and climbed a total 1,960 feet in elevation. This is an excellent hike that is very accessible off I-70 near Frisco.

Tue May 31 2016

Perfect! Hiked it today with our 7-yr old so only did 3.2 miles. Reaching the 10,000ft point was the best because the creek was flowing hard. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good day hike.

Fri Sep 18 2015

Nice hike!! It was a little crowded right at the beginning but most people were veering off toward lily pad lake, so we didn't see a lot of people after that. A little steep incline at first, but the rest is gradual incline so you aren't dead by the end. Not quite sure why it says "8 hours" on here. We tracked it as just around 9.4 miles and it took us 4 hours and 15 min, give or take with some resting at the top to eat. The views are excellent, the water is nice. We lucked out on a BEAUTIFUL almost fall day. Definitely recommend this hike!

Thu Mar 26 2015

Good day for a hike.2004-June 19

Wed Jul 30 2014

It is thick with trees and a bit marshy at first, but slowly opens up into stunning views as it climbs. I found an old mine with twisted rails on the way. There are supposed to be old cabins up the creek a little from where the trail crosses it, but I did not check these out. I hiked this as part of a loop around Buffalo Mountain. Most of the traffic was on Lily Pad coming from Meadow Creek, but there were quite a few on this one too. The trail is very easy to follow and has a bridge for the creek crossing and wooden walkways for the marshy parts.

1 month ago

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